Scrap Mechanic – Farming Tips

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This small guide is supposed to be written by community to help novice players in farming.

Basic Farming Information

Tip 1

All plants are divided into tiers, which defines which bots will attack you during night

  • First tier plants are: potatoes (need testing), carrots, radish and tomatoes.
  • Second tier plants are: oranges, bananas, blueberries (need testing).
  • Third tier (I suppose so) are: Broccoli and pineapples (need testing).
  • Tier One crops only trigger Totebots (The spider like robots to spawn).
  • Tier Two crops can randomly displace Totebots with HayBots.
  • Tier Three needs testing, so results are unkown.

Tip 2

The amount of enemies attacking you at night are dependent on amount of crops planted. The more crops you have, the more enemies will attack you at night (don’t plant a lot of plants of lower tier with high tier plant before obtaining any ranged options).

Tip 3

Fertilizer (Surprisingly) speeds up growth of plants. Use it on plants if you want to gather them faster and possibly (need testing) decrease amount of enemies during midnight raids in certain situations.

Tip 4

Build basic defense (walls). Yep, so simple. Building walls will prevent your precious crops from being destroyed almost instantly.

Tip 5

Use natural structures. For examples you can replace fourth wall of your farm by natural indestructible wall, so you will have to defend only three sides or block several enemies (AI is not that smart). Be careful! I don’t know if robots can jump onto you from above, so test the walls on your own risk.

Tip 6

Lastly plan your farm nearby water. It will save you a lot of walking or driving to get some water for farm (really simple, but spending 20 seconds getting to water early on is quite annoying).

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