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Scrap Mechanic - How to Fix Broccoli Seed Bug

Written by Dr.Zenous   /   May 11, 2020    

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There is bug in the game when you harvest a Broccoli it gives you a tomato im gonna teach you how to fix it.

Guide to Fix Broccoli Seed Bug

Let's Start

Step 1

Open scrap mechanic file location.

Step 2

Open Survival folder.

Step 3

Open Harvestables\Database\HarvestableSets folder.

Step 4

Open hvs_plantables.json in notepad.

Step 5

Press Ctrl + F and search "//broccoli part".

Step 6

You will see something like this "harvest": "6d92d8e7-25e9-4698-b83d-a64dc97978c8" right before the //broccoli part replace this harvest uuid 6d92d8e7-25e9-4698-b83d-a64dc97978c8 with b5cdd503-fe1c-482b-86ab-6a5d2cc4fc8f

Step 7

It will be like this "harvest": "b5cdd503-fe1c-482b-86ab-6a5d2cc4fc8f"

  • b5cdd503-fe1c-482b-86ab-6a5d2cc4fc8f ____________ this uuid is for Broccoli.
  • 6d92d8e7-25e9-4698-b83d-a64dc97978c8 ____________ this uuid is for Tomato.

Or you can just download this file and replace it on hvs_plantables.json.

Replace underline whit dot.

Written by Dr.Zenous.