Don’t Starve Together – Starter Base Guide

In this guide will be a good starter base. This is only a starter base so it will need work for late game.

Guide to Starter Base

The Base

Lets get started you will want this as the base you have set up by day 12 it has all the early needs add a lightning rod in spring so it dose not burn away.

The Farm

So you will want about 20 berry bushes and 32 grass meaning you will need 60 flowers, to start picking these from the moment you start, don’t worry they will respawn, by next years start. They shuld all be rotten by day 9 then you will set up your farm don’t worry about twigs they don’t need rot they are fine to just be planted. Then build a small cage and put a single berry in it the turkeys will go for it as it is on the ground before they go for the bushes most of the time so free easy meat. Just make sure they lock on to the berry before attacking or they will run.

The Cage

So you know those walking meat balls that you find at the end of hunts. Put them in this cage and use as food in winter just let one out put the piece of wall back kill it and that is all the meat you will need for a few days also try making a spider farm 3 berrys plus a monster meat is a meat ball arfter all.

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  1. Oh My God! my base has gotten bigger and better because of you! thank you so much for the tour with the base! and the farms too! your really a pro to this game! -w- owo

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