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Heroes Showdown - Battle Arena Guide (Tips and Tricks)

May 15, 2020    

The Ultimate Team Fight Chess!

Heroes Showdown is a new strategy game with unique systems such as Rune setting or Starting Hero, those of which minimize the portion of luck, maximize players’ strategic insights, and provide interesting choices in your game-play.

From now on, in the world of Heroes Showdown, you will have to face many opponents from all round the world. To survive and achieve victory against them, you will have to think of your own tactics, rune settings and hero combination.

Game System


Rune is a system which provides specific effects or extra chance to summon Heroes of class/race you want. Runes are divided into four types: Valor, Guardian, Tactic, and Wisdom.

Each type of Rune once again is divided into Primary Rune and Normal Rune. The Primary Runes are the major Rune, which is placed in the center and can be used only once for each type.

They can provide an effect that can change the tide of the battle, such as summoning giant glacier that slows enemies Heroes or boosting up allies’ attack speed.

On the other hand, Normal Runes are placed around the Primary Rune and provide buffs such as the increased chance of summoning Heroes of class/race you want.

Though they seem less important than Primary Rune, since you can use multiple Normal Runes at once, their importance cannot be underestimated!

You can put Rune in a slot by selecting the Rune you want and then left click the slot you want to use. If you want to pull out a Rune you are using, then you can just right click it.

After you finish your Rune setting, click ‘Save’ button to save your current Rune settings.

Starting Hero

Starting Hero is a system in which you can select Heroes you want to start the game with. You can select a maximum of 5 Heroes regardless of their race or class.

However, if you use Starting Hero, you will have to spend its cost for each from your starting gold. Consequently, you will start the game with less gold than your opponents who don't use any Starting Heroes.

You can use add Hero you want in Starting Hero lineup by clicking it. If you want to use recent Starting Hero lineup you have used, then you can easily use it in the Saved Loadout on the left side of the screen.


There are two types of synergies, Class and Race, and every Heroes has at least one of each. These traits usually have no special effect on their own, but if you gather enough number of the same Heroes of the same Class or Race, you will be able to activate special buff effect on your team.

Each Synergy provides powerful effect to your Heroes.

The Synergy becomes stronger if the number of your Heroes you are using in the battle exceeds a certain number. However, keep in mind that each Race or Class requires a different number of Heroes to level up the buff effect.

So, we strongly recommend you check these carefully before you deploy your Heroes on the battlefield.

Level Up

You will earn Exp point at the end of each round. Since Exp points determines how many Heroes you can deploy on the battlefield at once and rank of the champion you can purchase in the Hero shop, you should never underestimate its importance.

You can even purchase Exp point 20 gold for each and level up faster than your opponents.

By clicking the arrow button, you can purchase Exp point for level up

Hero Shop

At the beginning of each round, you will be given five choices of Heroes from the Hero Shop. For each Hero, you can check their cost, synergies, and grade.

Whenever you lose in the battle, you can get Random Hero Summon gauge. When you lose 3 battles, the gauge reaches maximum and you will be given chance to use Random Hero Summon.

Through Random Hero Summon, you can get one random Hero for free. Once, you use the Random Hero Summon, the gauge is reset.

As your player level goes up, you will have more chance to purchase Heroes of higher grade.

Hero Rank

By combining three of same Heroes, you can make a stronger. If you collect three copies of each Hero, all three will automatically combine into a one with higher rank.

However, keep in mind that you cannot rank up your Heroes during the battle.

When the rank up occurs, Hero grows in size and change their looks.

Item Shop

There are various items that your Heroes can equip. Although, you can get various item if you clear each creep round, you can also purchase various items at the item shop.

If you want to sell items you do not want to use, then click the sell button at the tool-tip or drag it and drop it on the sell icon at the bottom.

You can sell your items like this.

If you want your Hero to equip an item, drag the item and drop it on the Hero you want. If you want to get it back, you can right-click the Hero and click the ‘Retrieve’ button.

Game Mode

In Heroes Showdown, there are two types of game mode, ‘8 player free-for-All’ and ‘4:4 Team mode’.

In ‘8 player free-for-all’ mode, you will have to survive individually against other players. On the other hand, in ‘4:4 Team mode’, you will have to play in a team of four.

Each Game Mode once again is divided into Normal Game and Rank Game. After you finish the game, you can get account Xp (Experience Point) and EP (Epic Point), and in Rank game, you can get RP (Ranking Point) additionally.

Through the RP you have earned, other users will measure your strategic insights and skills in the Heroes Showdown.

8 Player Free-for-All Mode

You can enjoy the mode individually or invite up to 3 friends.

The goal ‘8 player free-for-all mode’ is to be the last player standing. Depending on how badly the winning side wins, the losing side takes damage. The ranking is based on the remaining HP of each player. If the HP goes below, the player shall be eliminated.

Consequently, the longer you survive, the higher your ranking will be. If you are included in the Top 4 players, it counts as a win.

4:4 Team Mode

You will have to play the mode in a team of four.

The goal of ‘4:4 Team Mode’ is to achieve victory with your team. Since all team members shares one HP together, it is important to cooperate with your team members.

In ‘4:4 Team Mode’, after round 10, 15, 20, and 25, there is a special 1:1 match calls the ‘Showdown stage’.

The winner of each showdown match can bring great benefits and rewards to the team they belong, and such rewards can change the tide of the entire game.

Furthermore, through the Share shop which are open after the round 5, you can share Heroes in your Hero Shop with your teammates! (Maximum of five Heroes per round).

If you want to request Heroes you need to your team members, click the icon on the right to open Synergy Guide and select the portraits of Heroes you need.

Then, a request icon will be displayed on your teammate's Hero Shop.

By clicking the nickname of your team members in the list at the left side of the Share Shop, you can check Heroes that your team members have shared during the game. Heroes at the Shared Shop can be purchased at half the normal price during Showdown preparation round after round 10.

Game Play

Starting Hero & Rune Setting

After login to the game, select Play and choose Solo Battle. Then, select Loadout and move to Hero & Rune Settings.

In the Hero & Rune Settings, you can select your Starting Hero and Runes you want to use in the next game.

If you decide not to use any Starting Heroes, you can start the game with 250 gold.

You can either start with plenty of gold.

Or you can start the game with Heroes you want.

If you are lucky enough, you can get Rank 2 Hero within the first round.

Ready and Start

When you finish your settings, select Ready and Start Battle to begin a matchmaking.

Preparation Phase

When each round begins, you are given 30 seconds of Preparation Phase. During the Preparation phase, you can purchase Heroes and items you need, or deploying them at a place you want.

Since the formation of your Heroes in the battlefield definitely affects the result of the battle, you should take extra care when you deploy your heroes on the battlefield.

Usually, deploying sturdy tanker Heroes in the front and Damage dealers in the back-line is standard. However, you should also keep in mind that some Heroes can attack enemy’s back-line directly or switch its location instantly.

Battle Phase

After the 30 seconds of Preparation phase, the battle begins. The battle proceeds automatically.

If the Heroes of either side annihilated, the loser takes damage depending on the number of opponents Heroes that survived even after the match.

If you make it to the last, you will be a winner of the match.

If the battle did not finish within 1 minute, it ends a draw, and both sides take damage.

Every 5 round, there is creep round that you fight against monsters that drops items.

You can attain various items after clearing creep rounds.