Everland – Piggy Hunting (Stress Test)

Best locations for murdering piggies in the ‘stress test’.


Piggies are mobs found all over the game world, once brutally murdered using fists, they vanish & turn into a piece of clothing. They will only be in the game during the stress test. This guide will introduce you some notable locations, including one with a high spawn rate & multiple piggy spawn spots.

The Northern Forest

If you go North, at the top of the map, you will find a somewhat medium sized forest. In that forest there are many piggies standing about, often hidden behind leaves of trees.

Housing Area

At the North-East, or, the top right side of the map is an area meant for player housing. Almost every home you enter will have a piggy standing around. Behind a counter, on a table, etc. Of course, they won’t be there if someone murdered them before you came in.

Trapped Piggy

This location is found towards the South, or, towards the bottom middle of the map, at the entry of the beach region. While its empty in this picture, it normally has a piggy trapped in it. However, it only looks that way, as you can pass behind the tall building with the golden decor.

The Piggy Party

This location can be found at the South-East part of the map, or, the bottom right corner. Though it may seem impossible to get to at a first glance in the game, simply follow the instructions in this GIF image.

If you are lucky, you will find no one there but a bunch of piggies. If not, a whole lot of players waiting for piggies to spawn. It won’t hurt to join them, make a friend or two while patiently waiting to murder innocent creatures.

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