Ultimate Chicken Horse – Useful Tips and Tricks

A list of tips and things about UCH, or Ultimate Chicken Horse.

List of Tips and Tricks 2020


I know that many players have just started, like everybody else has. This guide here will teach you some basics, aswell as some starting skills that i learned myself, aswell as building tips. Please note that this isnt copied at all, its my ideas only. If it seems copied to you, its not. This is similar to many other guides that go over tips or cheats or tricks. Its just my edition of these kinds of guides. Enjoy!

Playing Basics

  • To start off, i want to tell you an important detail. If you hold Shift while moving, your animal runs. 
  • Some of you might already know this, but i keep playing with players that never run… With that covered, Its time to go over Wall Jumping skills. If there are 2 walls, one slightly above the ground, the other on the ground, you need to Wall jump to get up. To do this, you simply jump on either wall, and press Space, or the Jump Button, again. This will make you jump from the wall. Keep doing this, and it will send you high up. 
  • Sometimes there will be Spikes on the walls. For example, at the top and middle are spikes. To avoid them, you jump on the right side, because the spike would be on the left and then you jump above the spike. You do the same for the spike at the top, but its inversed. 
  • Note that this is not allways, and there are sometimes never spikes, or more than 2 spikes. That was an example. Now, lets go over The Construction [Building] Basics.

Building / Construction Basics

  • You should know how to choose a item or block to build. 
  • If you dont, use your Mouse and click on the item you want in the Party Box. 
  • Then, you move your mouse around to a spot you want to place it. Then click. Simple, right? Yep, it is. 
  • But, it is different in Free Play or Creative Mode. In Creative, theres no party box. You press the R key to open up a menu, which then, you pick any item/block in the game. In Free Play, its similar, but there is 2 more menus. 
  • If you are a Host of a server, and you are playing Free Play, you will have a new menu at the end of the Creative menu. It lets you change the background of the level, BG music, and Music of the level. 
  • If you are the host of a Free Play session or just a player that joined, you will have another menu, at the start of your Creative Menu. This section lets you choose a color, then choose a length of block, or type of item/block you want to use of that color. 
  • Theres also a Paintbrush option, which now has multiple sizes. That option lets you paint a certain object or block the color you pick. All of this helps with making custom levels. 
  • Also, if you didnt know, if you go into the well in the lobby of any server, you can find a Blank Level option down there. Aswell as a Level Loader [thats what i call it]. The Level Loader lets you Load levels into its slots there, letting you play them. These levels can be Your levels, or anybodies level. Its an online Searching Engine, so you can find about all levels. 
  • You can even play the levels you load onto its slots, in any mode, be it Party, Challenge, Creative, or even Free Play.

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