Island Saver – Complete Achievement Guide

This guide was created to help you unlock all achievements in Island Saver.

How to Obtain All Achievements


This guide was created in order to help you unlock all the achievements of the game, so it has no commitment to the story.

I recommend exploring all the places in each location, and then see the guide to pick up what you didn’t find. Almost everything is based on exploration and you will have no difficulties.

Caution! May contain spoilers!


Most achievements in the game are made automatically over time, but I’ll leave a summary and some tips in case you need to clear up any questions.

Community Service

  • Use tax to empty recycler.

This will be one of the first achievements you will get. After a certain amount of coins, one will go to the tax machine and become a tax token, which you use in recyclers when it is full to empty. Just use a tax token on a recycler to get the achievement.


  • Deposit 100 gold doubloons.

You can deposit your doubloons in your bank account, deposit 100 for this achievement.

Quids In

  • Deposit 1000 gold doubloons.

Same as above, only with more doubloons.

Save The Date

  • Earn first interest on your savings.

Your doubloons in your bank account generate interest over time (when you win it appears in the corner of the screen). This achievement will automatically pop you when you start earning interest.

For The People

  • Earn 50 Tax Tokens.

For each certain amount of coins you collect, one will become a tax token, which you use to empty recyclers. Accumulate 50 to earn the achievement.

Big Spender

  • Spend 100 in Pigby’s Store.

The Pigby store is introduced to the game through a tutorial on how to use it. You use it to buy seeds and other things. You will earn this achievement when you have spent 100 doubloons.

Bridge Builder

  • Use tax to build a bridge.

In the first world, we will need 20 tax tokens to build a bridge. Just build to get the achievement.

Fair Trade

  • Barter with Kiwi.

In some parts, you will have to trade with the Kiwi to get seeds that you need and are not for sale at the Pigby store. To do this, insert the items that the Kiwi asks you into the scale cage. As soon as it is enough, he will give you the seed and the achievement is yours.

Money Matters

  • Exchange any currency at its best price.

In the second area of the second world, a currency exchange machine will be introduced, where you need to exchange international currencies for doubloons in order to be able to deposit in your bank account. Wait until the coin you need to change is at the top, where it is worth 3 doubloons, and insert it into the machine.

Bureau de Change

  • Exchange all 5 currencies into doubloons at least once.

In all, we have 5 international currencies that need to be exchanged at the exchange machine. Exchange all 5 types of coins to earn the achievement.

A Personal Loan

  • Take out a bank loan.

At certain points in the game you will need to explore new areas but will not have the required amount. That’s where loan is introduced to the game. The loan takes about 1 minute to be approved. When the loan approve the achievement will be yours.

Debt Free

  • Repay a bank loan.

Once you have made a loan, you will pay in multiple installments, month after month. A reminder will always appear on the screen to pay in advance if you want and receive a discount. Pay whenever the warning appears. At the end of the last installment the achievement will be yours.

Charity Champ

  • Complete charity mission and send Litterbugs home.

At the end of the third world, play fulfilling all the objectives, until you take all the batteries, charge them and put them in the portal to send the litterbugs to their world inside the portal. The achievement will be yours here.

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