Total Tank Simulator – How to Obtain Shadow Chancellor Achievement (Easy Method)

Do the actions in your past haunt you? Do you find that the older version of yourself just keeps beating you up? Want to cheese a game mode in ways the developer probably should have foreseen? Here’s the guide.

Shadow Chancellor Achievement

All credit goes to CobraX5000!

The Setup

Shadow mode is a game mode where you have to create an army, and then beat that army, then beat that army, then beat that army…

It doesn’t matter what map you choose, what you choose as the starting factions, but you can still get the achievement even if you give yourself infinite funds.

So do that.

The Strategy

Now’s the time to become the true Rommel you’ve always wanted to be. That’s why you bought that body pillow, right?

When you start, you will be presented with two blank unit spawn areas. You can edit both.

Keep it simple: put a dumb light tank on one, and a strong heavy tank on the other.

Let the battle run on its own.

Now that the heavy tank has won, you will only be able to edit the side opposing the heavy tank’s faction.

Put dive-bombers, and let the game run.

Divebombers are actually really powerful– most can one-shot heavy tanks.

Now that the dive-bombers have won, put anti-aircraft units on the opposing side.

And after the anti-aircraft guns have won, put tanks on the opposing side.


Repeat until you have successfully beat yourself up to the point where you get the achievement.

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