GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – How to Counter Poison


We all hate poison whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran you’ll surely meet a deck focused on poison one way or another and let’s be honest it sucks to be at the receiving end. Poison however can be easily countered if you play your cards well. Here are some tips and general rules you should know when faced with a poison deck.


  • The main factions that utilize poison or have their own poison cards are NG, ST and SY. The other poison cards are neutral.Identifying a poison deck is the first step to prepping against it.
  • Once you find out your opponent is using a poison deck bait out his poison cards by playing some cards that are not very crucial for winning.
  • The most important rule is to playing wide… By that i mean swarming the board with units of varying power to mess up their game plan its a well know fact that poison very useless against a swarm deck.
  • Opponents like to poison your biggest unit so be very careful not to over boost one unit if you’re playing alot of engines.
  • It is very crucial to have at least one purify card in your deck, Various factions have at least a way of purifying units, there are however neutral purify cards such as the big chonky boi Caretaker. Basically avoid getting to greedy and put one or two purify cards in your deck.
  • Final tip is to always have a bomb heaver to tech against NG double ball, Bomb heaver mostly plays above his provision cost so it does not hurt to put him in your deck.

In conclusion play smart and your card right and you won’t have any problem with poison.Happy Gwenting.

Written by Synnbad

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