SAELIG – Alehouse Tips For Success

For Saelig Alehouse Profits!

Steps to Success

  • Step 1 Send your character to the market closest to your house and click on “Entertain” and start generating tips for income. 
  • Buy the alehouse, buy the closest farm. 
  • Upgrade the cart to level 3, which includes the horse at either the farm or the alehouse, not both. You can use the one horse and cart to ferry your goods to the alehouse from the farm or to and from the market(s).
  • You’ll start with 3 farmers, have 2 grow oats. You can either fire the third to save money or have them produce a cash item like wool or pig carcasses and hides. Either choose sheep or pigs. 
  • Use the horse cart to get and deliver the oats to your alehouse and have both workers producing porridge. Do this and play for tips in the market till you can afford to upgrade the alehouse to have a brewery. 
  • Once you have the brewery, you can then produce, barley, fruit and oats at the farm to supply the alehouse with the necessary ingredients to produce Ale, and porridge. All without having to purchase anything. Only expenses will be paying your farmers and brewers. 
  • Talk to the ladies when you aren’t doing business things. Click on the ones passing by to see which you can chat to or flirt with. You already own 2 businesses, so her class doesn’t really matter. 
  • By owning 2 businesses, you’ll automatically achieve the next social class , Geneat, which allows you to own even more businesses and land. 
  • Once you have all this going, you should be making a profit daily. Feel free to experiment and try some of the different recipes, like fish stew or soup and mead making. You can also purchase your own bee hive at the farm eventually to produce your own honey for the mead. 
  • Watch market prices, sometimes, you can buy cheap at one and sell to the other for a nice profit. I tend to let customers buy everything directly from my alehouse, never really needed to put good on the market unless I have a surplus. 
  • If you follow these steps, you should succeed without too much stress or effort on your part! Enjoy!

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