Idle Big Devil – Boost Your AFK Rewards

This recently released idle game has many features that often go undetected by players. For the benefit of newcomers to the game I wish to guide one feature that I only discovered myself after playing a few days.

Auto-Battle and AFK

In this game ALL combat is done automatically. This is referred to ingame as Auto-battle.

In this game unlike others there is no benefit gained from the player clicking during combat nor is there any %increase to the rewards of combat as a direct result of being online during said combat.

However there is a %increase that can be applied to Auto-battling via talents. This bonus, if activated, applies if you are online or if you are AFK.

Those of you familiar with ‘idle clickers’ will know that similar games offer options to increase AFK rewards as a preset but that is not the case in this game.

Therefore the rewards or increased bonus rewards gained from Auto-battle apply to all ONLINE and AFK activity equally.

Introduction to Talents

A key factor of your progression within the game is the advancement of your Talent tree. Talent points are issued after completion of every 10th level of the games main Campaign.

Much like many other games the talent tree offers selections from base attack, crit, defence, dodge and life pool. It also has successive tiers focusing on faction and class. There are also options for increasing auto-battle rewards and these shall be the focus of this guide.

Talent Point Notification

When you have been awarded a talent point to spend you will see a red exclamation mark appear on an icon that will be located at the upper left of the screen if you are in Campaign battle mode or will be at the bottom left of the screen if you are on the home screen.

The image below is from the home screen and the icon is the same when displayed on the campaign screen.

Creating Talent Profiles

Once you have accessed the talent screen you will see a layout of all available options. Each successive tier of talents requires spending in previous tier before it will become available. The Devs have provided an option to create profiles of your selections and obviously this is advantageous depending on current ingame situation/scenario.

2 profiles are immediately available with the option to add additional ones at a cost. Only 1 profile can provide benefits at any given time and that will be the last profile you clicked on/visited. The profile buttons are located at the upper left of the talents page.

To keep things simple let’s suggest:

  • Profile #1 = Your active combat profile.
  • Profile #2 = Your AFK profile.

Profile #1 & Profile #2

Bolster Profile #1 with your decided choice of combat benefits and maybe some auto-battle boosts if you so wish. I personally spend all my points on combat as there are so many ‘brick walls’ along the Campaign trail that you will need every single ounce of combat boost you can get and the game offers so many other ways to get amethysts/shards etc.

Bolster Profile #2 with the Auto-battle rewards denoted by the Anchor icons at the bottom left of the talent trees. You will need to purchase additional talents to successively unlock additional ranks of Auto-battle. To be able to grab a few extra guild bundles before I log off I spend the necessary points also in the talents adjoined to the first Auto-battle. As depicted in the cropped image below. (The full talent screen is much larger).

Ensure Correct Profile is Selected

You must remember to ensure you swap in and out of the correct profiles accordingly at the start and end of each gaming session. You can only benefit from one profile at any one time.

You will soon realise you wont advance very far in progression with a profile focused on Auto-battle chosen instead of the Active Combat profile.

Once setup this use of the talents profiles should help any newcomer to the game greatly as each day you will be rewarded with max AFK rewards when you log in whilst ingame you will be running your best combat options not lessened by material acquisitions.

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