Dark Souls 3 – How to Defeat Soul of Cinder (Boss Guide)

The character level for this fight: 100 (Knight). The weapon for this fight: Broadsword + Havel’s Greatshield.

Soul of Cinder is the final story boss. After beating him you can interact with the last bonfire (same place where you fight him) to trigger the game ending and start New Game Plus.

He uses a variety of attacks and weapons that he is always switching around. My strategy here was to take Havel’s Greatshield (any greatshield will do) and walk close to him in circles while blocking all attacks. After blocking his combo I attacked him 1-2 times and blocked again. After a few hits he will get stunned and you can take down a good chunk of his health. So just keep it slow and block, do 1 hit and repeat. In between his attacks you should release the block button so your stamina recovers quicker. When he uses magic you can get up close to him and just attack.

After his first health bar is gone he gets more aggressive. His available attacks change slightly. He uses longer combos and throws lightning spears at you. When he uses lightning he is vulnerable — that’s when you should attack even if he hits you a few times. Roll away from him when he does the 5 hit sword combo with the big fire explosion. Everything else you can block with the shield. You just have to learn how to balance your stamina for this fight. So that you have enough to block, but also enough to get 1 hit in. Keep your equipment load below 70% to speed up stamina recovery. You should definitely put a few points in stamina before this fight.

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