Terraria – NPC Defending Weapon List (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

This guide lists every NPC’s defending weapon. If a pre-hardmode NPC is listed in hardmode, it indicates their weapon upgrade in hardmode.

List of NPC Defending Weapons


  • Guide: Wooden Bow with Wooden Arrows.
  • Merchant: Throwing Knives.
  • Nurse: Thrown Syringes.
  • Demolitionist: Grenades.
  • Dye Trader: Exotic Scimitar.
  • Zoologist: Claws (Yes, this is because she’s a werefox, and she even uses claws in her human form).
  • Golfer: Golf Balls.
  • Dryad: Dryad’s Blessing, which buffs players and harms enemies.
  • Tavernkeep: Ale Tosser (Confirmed).
  • Arms Dealer: Flintlock Pistol.
  • Stylist: Stylish Scissors.
  • Painter: Paintball Gun.
  • Angler: Frost Daggerfish.
  • Goblin Tinkerer: Spiky Balls.
  • Witch Doctor: Blowgun.
  • Old Man: N/A.
  • Clothier: Book of Skulls.
  • Mechanic: Wrench (Thrown).
  • Party Girl: Happy Grenade.
  • Traveling Merchant: Revolver.
  • Skeleton Merchant: Bones (Thrown).


The first three are weapon upgrades for pre-Hardmode NPCs.

  • Guide: Wooden Bow with Flaming Arrows.
  • Arms Dealer: Minishark.
  • Traveling Merchant: Pulse Bow.
  • Wizard: Flower of Fire (Inflicts ‘On Fire!’ Debuff).
  • Tax Collector: Classy Cane.
  • Truffle: Mushroom Spore (Stationary Until Touched).
  • Pirate: Pirate Cannon.
  • Steampunker: Clockwork Assault Rifle.
  • Cyborg: Rocket.
  • Santa Claus (Christmas Event): Bauble (Thrown).
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