ShellShock Live – How to Obtain the Weapon God Rays

Please note: all credit goes to SandTag!

This is a guide, not some “friendly” players rant. This guide will explain how to obtain the weapon god rays.

How to Actually Get God Rays

In Game Definiton

“Beat Kchamp or a level 100 player who has this achievement”

Given that Kchamp, this games developer is very busy and does not play this game often, for the purpose of this guide despite this being my own method of obtaining the achievement that feature is being ignored.

Simply put, to get god rays all you have to do is beat a level 100 player, i am not aware of any genuine players at level 100 who lack the achievement (though some extreme case may be out there where for some reason, even after all this time, they lack the achievement).

Where You Can Find a Level 100 Player

Being very high level, having a level 100 player in a lobby will raise the average level alot, however there are a few noteworthy places.

Game types:

  • Rebound: 4.08x / 1v1 rebound (if the level of the lobby is 100, then the player in the lobby is also level 100!), for 4.08x lobbies aim for an average level of 80 or higher, this is not the most convenient method though.
  • Charge: 8 man free for all charge lobbies with a high average level or a 1v1 at level 100.
  • Deathmatch: Aim for 3v3 or 4v4 lobbies with an average level above 80, in a 2v2 or 1v1 deathmatch, a low level player will stand little chance against a level 100 player.
  • Shoccer farms: These are very popular with high levels who just want to get xp while doing very little, and since its mostly RnG based, this is the easiest way to win against a level 100 player.

Where Not to Look or Ask for Level 100 Players

Gamemodes where you dont tend to find level 100`s

  • Points (Particularly in “””xp farms”””)* sidenote: these don’t work.
  • Assassin (particularly in hidden blade farms).
  • Juggernaut, decreasing chance with player cap.
  • Marksman, except in wagers.
  • Open Field shoccer matches.

In addition to all of this:

  • The forums: Because a sizeable number of level 100 players, unlike me, seem entitled and are very rude to players who are looking for this weapon.
  • The Community discord server: For similar reasons to the above, it seems that some reason it is in the community spirit to push away players asking for help getting this weapon.
  • The Reddit: Once again, for some reason we cant just help people, we gotta be rude and feisty, a shame Kchamp entrusted us high levels with this job really, it just was not to be.

What Even are God Rays, are They Worth Having

The god rays and its upgrade deity are rubberised strikes (similar to air strike), upon landing they direct 3(5) columns of light at the target area with each column summoning 12 rays that deal 6(5) damage.

The upgrade does not require very much xp and is easy to unlock, the weapon is in the rare category and will not appear frequently.

With all of this in mind, god rays (and particularly Deity) are very strong weapons, particularly when wind is disabled, easily doing 100-150 damage in wind and 140-200 damage without wind, the upgrade however will require an huge area for its rays to spawn in, and neither weapon will do well against opponents in tight spaces!

How Likely You to Beat a Level 100 Player

This depends entirely on the game mode you have picked, while i cannot determine the chance of winning in a 2v2 or greater OR free for alls, i can provide a rough guide on your chance of winning in a deathmatch with wind and one weapon, assuming you have the correct skill points distribution. (Gun > Chassis > Track > Luck).

I have picked out 200/400/600hp formats, for rebound these are 100/200/300hp instead.


  • Level 95: |45%|42%|40%|
  • Level 90: |35%|30%|25%|

  • Most players get god rays naturally before level 90.

  • Level 85: |25%|15%|12%|
  • Level 80: |15%|12%|10%|
  • Level 75: |10%|8%|4%|
  • Level 70: |8%|6%|4%|
  • Level 60: |5%|4%|3%|
  • Level 50: |3%|2%|1%|
  • Level 40: |2%|1%|N/A|
  • Level 30: |1%|1%|N/A|
  • LVL < 30: |1%|N/A|N/A|

At levels below 30, it is somewhat pointless to try a 1v1 with a level 100 player as the diffference in AWD (average weapon damage) is far too great. Ideally try to be at least level 60 before seeking out these players or you may encounter frustration.

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