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Wish - How to Win in Under 25 Turns

Written by HarleyquinnC   /   May 25, 2020    

Having problem with the achievements The chivalry, In the name of the Lord, Strength than intelligence, Empress of the Night or Cat? This quick guide might help. Also easy for dominating! and Victory is mine!

Winner' Guide

1. Max out your status for physical and magical attack.

2. Buy and equip:

  • Ring of power.
  • Wrist of Mana.
  • Sadistic fruits.
  • Passion powder.
  • Branch of salvation.

3. Start a fight and use the three items: 

  1. First passion powder.
  2. Branch.
  3. Fruits. 

With a bit luck this will generate a chain reaction, so you go something like berserkmode and deal 10-30 hits. If that`s not enough, look for combination of 5 to gain powerblocks.

That`s it. I finished Popotino in 2 turns.

Written by HarleyquinnC.

Game:   Wish