Unturned – How to Survive for Insanely Long on Multiplayer

In this guide you will learn how to survive on unturne dmultiple server. Requierements: Over 1000 hours in-game.

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Basicly, you have to know how to use any weapon that you have avaiable, i recommend assault rifles. YOu also need to know ALL vanilla maps perfectly well, because you DO NOT want to get lost somewhere where you know you will die fast, for example in the military base.


Next you`ll want to set up your base, but you need to choose the location wisely, because a base in middle of the military base is the worst idea ever. Set it up near a location where you can find decent weapons like the Maplestrike or Nightraider.


The way you want to fight other players is the way that you try to get behind them unnoticed, then, you strike killing all the enemies you can see, then, you take all the loot you want, and run. Its as simple as that.

Base Defense

Now, if your base happens to be located by someone, expect that they will come back for revenge. Keep in mind that there might be more than one person attacking your base, so what you want to do is to dig in and set up your defenses BEFORE the raiders arrive. Next, when the raiders arrive, stay hidden until they are not expecting you to show up and defend your base, for example at the moment when they are placing charges on your base. Then, kill ALL the raiders, dont let any of them fight back or run away, because you want to be a merciless survivor.


After you have succesfully defended your base from attacks about 1-3 times, its time for you to grab your most important loot and your most important vehicle, then, escape. After that you want to think for a new base location, get there, and set up your base there.

New Base Set Up

After you have retreated and are at the new base location, get your chainsaw, jackhammer, pickaxe, or axe ready, and get materials to build your new base, then just keep getitng more loot like you should.


Congratulations! You are a succesful guerilla survivor, also as a side note, keep in mind to adapt on what your enemies try to use against you.

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  1. yea its well made for beginners, but maybe you should add “better pick the Green Daypack instead of the Red Travelpack” because Concealment is quite important in a Survival game. but hey so far: i like it. however from my own experience, Defending a Large base alone or even with 1-2 friends is rather counterproductive because a fight over your base consumes alot of Resources like Medicine, Food, Ammo and if Explosives are involved you might loose everything. keeping your base Small and hidden is the key, also beeing very Adaptive, if your base has been discovered, pack your stuff on the truck and move. Also considering if a Targed is Worth the Shot.
    unless you play on “EASY” you might want some planters with lettuce or pumpkins. i like your guide and appreciate your support for beginners. have a nice day ;D

  2. Step one:
    Make Friends with Admins or become Admin

    Alternative Step one:
    Join a Server without a Focus on PvP or without many Players

  3. I have a huge base and about 10 people which are almost permanent online got attacked about 12 times by some guy with many guns (we supected admin support) and when nobody was online he destroyed many parts of our base …… and died to a barbed wire.

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