Mirror – How to Get The Pleasure of the Undead Achievement

The Pleasure of the Undead Achievement Guide

Description error!

The reason you couldn’t get the achievement yet is because there is a description error for the achievement.

It says “Caiyun’s Pain reaches 1000” but you need to fill the Pleasure bar to 1000!

If you don’t know how to fill the pleasure bar here are the steps:

Step 1

Go into Caiyuns Story Mode and choose as first option: “If it is to save my loved ones, I will go through everything he did.”

Step 2

After that use:

  • 3x Hand on left tigh.
  • 1x Tongue on left tigh.

Step 3

For the next dialogue you choose: “I will. Whether it it’s the work of Ming Yue’s promise or not, my love for you is growing.”

Step 4

After that use:

  • 3x Tongue on her kitty.
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