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Unturned - Base Raiding Guide

Written by Sotamies   /   Jul 21, 2017    
Unturned - Base Raiding Guide

In this guide you will learn the art of base raiding.

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First off, you want to get proper equipment in order to perform a succesful base raid, no, NOT GRENADES, those are not good enough for base raiding standards. What you need is atleast one of the following items: Dragonfang, Nykorev (They both can destroy structures, so they get the job done) Detonator and charges (the charges you will use depend on how much you want to destroy of the base) Or a Rocket launcher and atleast 10 rockets. After you have those you might think that you are already good to go, no, you are NOT good to go yet.

Recon / Scouting

To be sure you use your raiding equipment on a base that you actually want to raid, you need to know how many people own the base, is raiding them worth it, and what defenses do they have, because if you raid them and turns out they either have rooms full of sentries or absolutely no loot... Well, lets just say that a lootless raider is a sad raider. So, to find out how many people own the base, this is simple, i recommend a ghillie suit and whatever weapon you have, also binoculars are needed. Next, wait until the base owner(s) show(s) up, then, THINK BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING, if you think you already know enough, you can freely skip rest of this step, but its up to you. Then, you probably want to know where do they usually go looting, you can do this by following the owner(s) wherever they go, for example if they loot military or ranger locations often, you know raiding them is worth it. Then, defenses, Not so easy to find out but might be useful for you to know about.


Now, if you want, gather up your friends and get to their base, the safest way to raid the base is when they are oflfine or not in their base, also be sure that you have a friend following them and that he`ll inform you if they are heading back to their base, because if they show up and catch you raiding... it might not end up good for you. Then, simply bust through the weakest point on their base, get inside, destroy the metal storages (only metal, wooden ones would be waste of ammo and explosives) then, get the loot, and get out. Its as simple as that. Also heres something you probably should know, DO NOT try to bust through a metal wall, i`d recommend you try through a birch wall, because birch is the weakest building material in-game.


Conratulations! You performed a succesful base raid (and hopefully didnt die in the process) now if you want to, go and do it again. Also just a side note, if you had friends with you, make sure they get the share of the loot you got from the raid, so they might help you in your upcoming raids.

Unturned - Base Raiding Guide

Written by Sotamies.

Game:   Unturned