Crucible – Comprehensive Game Events Guide (Amplifiers, Nature, Essence, Pods)

Probably more useful to nearly all players, talks about in game events and what they do.

Guide to Game Events

All credit goes to MERCENARIE GUY!


Easily seen from their tall appearance, these require an interaction which lasts the same about of time as a Harvester interaction (about 5 seconds).

Damage Amplifiers

  • Increases you and your teams damage by 12% (Alpha hunters) and 8% (Heart of the hives).

Health Amplifiers

  • Increases you and your teams health by 15% (Alpha hunters) and 12% (Heart of the hives – based on hunter’s max health at level 1).

Medkit Amplifiers

  • Increases your medkit carrying capacity and fully restocks medkits for you (does not affect team).

Regeneration Amplifiers

  • Allows you and your team to regenerate 5 health per second.


These events affect the creatures on the map.


  • All creatures are stronger and provide more essence.

Cloak plan bloom

  • More cloak plants will spawn on map.

Spitter colony

  • A cluster of spitters will spawn (can be dangerous for low healthed heros if not cautioned properly) (This can spawn at the start of a match).

Stomper gathering

  • All stompers not engaged in combat will move to a single point on the map.

Stomper herd

  • A large gathering of stompers will spawn (This can spawn at the start of a match).


These events affect essence gain and how it is obtained.

Essence canisters

  • Essence canisters will spawn on map, interact with these and take them to an unlocking station for 600 essence (enemies can kill you and pick it back up).

Essence eruption

  • Deals damage to players inside but allows for larger amounts of essence to be picked up in each orb (200 in Alpha hunters) (500 in Heart of the hives).

Essence siphon

  • When a user picks this up, they are shown on the map to all enemies but will gain essence over time (400 essence per second Alpha hunters) (75 essence per second Heart of the Hives).

Mini Harvesters

  • 10 smaller harvesters will spawn on map, these can be captured much more quickly as well as giving 75 essence per 10 seconds (15 per 10 seconds in Heart of the hives).

Biotic converter

  • Interacting drains max health and grants a high amount of essence, this stops when hunter reaches 100 health (great for tanks).

Harvester master control

  • All harvesters will swap to the team who gains control of the master control.


These are large in number placed randomly throughout the map.

Damage boost pods

  • Increases your damage by 1% (does not affect team).

Health boost pods

  • Increases your health by 1% (does not affect team).


These don’t really have their own category.

Supply cache

  • A cluster of medkits will spawn (Spawns at start of match).

Damage energizer

  • All players will get a +50% damage boost for 120 seconds.

Global scanner

  • For 60 seconds all players are shown on map / through walls.

Interaction shields

  • Allows you do have an overshield (30% of health) when any interaction begins, is removed once interaction is finished.

Scanning station

  • When a player is stood on this, all players are shown on map / through walls.

Upgrade station

  • Adds the player’s unselected level 5 upgrade.

Victory beacon

  • Grants +5 points to objective score (Harvester command only).

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