Gunfire Reborn – Strong Monsters Guide

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Strong Monsters


This monster will explode itself, and you can shoot its head in advance. The best way is to throw a smoke grenade on its way to you. BTW, don’t be panic when it is near to you because there is a delay for explosion. In this case, you just need to use dash to evade the damage.


The shield of Horsehead is ineffective against weapons with Piercing inscription, Piercing Flame or explosive weapons. If you don’t have previous mentioned weapons, you can use smoke grenade, or you can lock it with Energy Orb and then attack it.


Longbowman’s arrow can deal large damage and is able to track you. You’d better to keep moving and take cover when necessary. It is a major threat and should be your priority.

Fire Lizard

Its orb will create a fire area which deals large damage and causes burning effect. Be careful where the orb will drop.

Rogue Arsonist

It can deal large damage, so you should try to stay far away. Since it has much higher HP, you can attack the oil tank on its back and try to explode it. You can create the opportunity to attack its back by using Energy Orb or Smoke Grenade.

Bandit Hermit

This monster sometimes can be invisible. It can deal lightning damage and easily break your shield. Just keep an eye on it because you can easily kill it.

Desert Worm

This monster has quick attack speed and deals large damage, but it can’t move at all. It will be wise for you to find a cover, or you may get killed very soon.

Bandit Tactician

This monster is a major threat to players because it can deal very high damage with single shot. You should keep moving, watch out the red alert line, and use dash at appropriate time to evade its attack.

Dark-faced Bandit

The weakness of this monster is the scar on the back, but you can hardly attack it. Normally, you can attack it with weapons of Corrosion DMG, Smoke Grenade or Miasma fusion effect. Since Energy Orb won’t lock it when it is charging, you can use dash to evade his charge, and then lock it with Energy Orb and attack its weakness.

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