GWENT: The Witcher Card Game – How to Obtain All Achievement

With this guide I would like to provide information about how to get all of the 50 achievements for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. It is supposed to be useful for both new players and players that played Gwent on other platforms before.

Complete Achievement Guide


First off, some information that may be valuable to achievement hunters:

  • Achievements can only be unlocked in online matches, and not against bots.
  • However, as of now, matches against friends count as online matches! Therefore, you can play a friend and try to achieve a certain game status together. Some achievements will be a lot easier to obtain like this.
  • Players that come to Steam-Gwent with a lot of progress already will have trouble unlocking some of the achievements (no option to re-play the tutorial, no trigger to get leader skins, etc.). I will describe possible solutions for the achievements individually, but I can already tell you that in some cases there’s only one option left: creating a second GOG account.
  • How long it will take you to get all of the 50 achievement is highly dependable on whether you already played a lot of Gwent before or not. Personally, I had them in 20-25 hours. However, I already had a full collection and was on prestige 2 when first playing through Steam.
  • For most of the deck-related and mechanic-related achievements I was assuming that the player has a full collection. I’m quite positive that all of them can be done with different (cheaper) decks, it will just be more difficult. If you need advice on possible card replacements, hit me up.
  • Don’t confuse rank with level. Rank refers to your rank on the ladder and goes from 30 all the way up to 0. You can climb by playing ranked matches. Level on the other hand refers to your account level and goes from 1 to 60. After completing that, you start over at level 1 again, but on a new prestige level.

Time-Related Achievements

These achievements don’t need a lot of explanation. Most likely, you will get them eventually.

Basics Mastered

  • Complete the basic tutorial.

This is the very first achievement for new players. It will be unlocked right after finishing the tutorial. The 3 practice matches after the tutorial are not necessary for this.

For players that already completed the tutorial on another platform, there is no option to re-play it on the same account (as of now). That’s why I had to create a second GOG account. You can easily switch the account by logging out of the current one (in-game option). Logging in with the new one will make you play the tutorial, because that account is new to Gwent. You should get the achievement right after finishing. Do not skip though!


  • Play a bronze and a gold card in a multiplayer game.

Put some gold cards and some bronze cards in a deck, eventually you’ll play one of each.

Kickin’ Up Dust

  • Play one ranked game.

As far as I know, you can’t play ranked games from the start, but as soon as you can (probably when you reach rank 25), just play one.

Gloves Off

  • Finish 3 online matches.

Play online matches.


  • Have a winstreak of 3 in any multiplayer game mode.

You need to win 3 games in a row against other players. That will happen as soon as you play a decent deck for your MMR.


  • Reach level 15.

This will unlock eventually as well. If you were already higher than level 15 before playing on Steam, it will unlock with the next level-up. If you already reached the max level, you can create a new GOG account and level that one.


  • Reach level 40.

Analogically to the Milestone achievement, you will get this after playing for some time. And yet again, if you already reached that level before, it should trigger with the next level-up.

Hall Of Heroes

  • Reach Prestige 1.

This is the equivalent of reaching (and completing) level 60. You will start over at level 1 again, but on a new prestige level. The same rules as for the Milestone and Munchkin achievements apply.


  • Reach Rank 20.

If you keep playing, rank 20 should be relatively easy to reach. Sticking to one faction early on and building a deck around your strong cards will most likely help.

Head To Head

  • Get a draw in a multiplayer game.

A draw is not the most common thing to happen, but I would say out of 30 games there’s probably at least one tie. Otherwise you can easily get this when playing a friend.

The More The Merrier

  • Play a maximum number of units into any single row.

This will probably be unlocked “accidentally” but if it doesn’t, just play all your units on the same row. Playing cards that spawn additional units may help.

Tables Turned

  • Win a round and game, after losing by 20 points.

There are certain deck archetypes that are more suitable than others at getting this, but most likely it will happen at some point anyway. A friend can also help here.

Had Enough Yet

  • Win a game with 2 cards remaining in hand.

This should trigger as soon as your opponent forfeits while you still have 2 or more cards in hand.

Quick, Before

  • Destroy a unit with Zeal before it’s triggered.

Unless you are playing a friend who is helping, there would only be some specific cards that could help unlocking this (like Incinerating Trap). But you’ll eventually get your chance, I’m sure of it.

Thanks, but No Thanks

  • Win a Regular Battle without redrawing any cards.

You can speed up getting this by refusing to mulligan any cards. But most likely there will come a game in which you have the perfect hand 3 rounds in a row that you’re gonna win. A friend can also help here.

Master Tactician

  • Have card advantage of 3 cards.

This is another one that will probably happen at some point. I don’t think there’s a kind of deck that can help. The easiest method by far is to work together with a friend in a friendly match.

Greatest Admirer

  • Send “GG” 50 times.

Maker sure you always send a “GG” to your opponent at the end of the game end then you should get this after 50 online matches. If you already unlocked this on GOG, it should trigger with your next “GG” that you send.

Uman make smashsmash?!

  • Smash 100 kegs.

Translated to other card games this would read “Open 100 card packs”. As long as you regularly spend Ore on kegs, this should automatically pop after some time while expanding your collection.

Gwent is a generous card game. While you can pay real money and get this really fast, you will get a generous amount of Ore by completing daily quests, spending Reward Points, being successful in the Arena and also by getting “GG”s from your opponents.

Napoleon Complex

  • Destroy a Legendary enemy with a Common ally.

It happens all the time that legendary units die from common cards. Note that a common ally doesn’t have to be a unit, it just has to be a card of common rarity. So you can unlock this by killing a legendary enemy of 5 or less power (e.g. Vernossiel, Cerys an Craite, Triss: Telekinesis, Damien de la Tour, etc.) with Alzur’s Thunder, for example. If you’re having trouble, a friend can probably help.

Collection-Related Achievements


  • Collect 50 unique cards from 1 faction.

This can be done faster if you only buy kegs and craft cards from a certain faction, but eventually you’ll get this anyway.

Ready For Battle

  • Equip a vanity leader skin, an avatar, a border and a title.

You can equip an avatar, a border and a title by clicking on your profile on the top left and then on Trinkets. Equip something else than the defaults (what you have equipped after the tutorial). Additionally, before starting a game, you can equip a leader skin. From what I know, you should choose a leader that is not a faction default.

This achievement was bugged for me. I had already everything equipped when first playing it on Steam and switching any of the Trinkets did not help. Therefore, I created a second GOG account and after I got to equip all 4 things there, this achievement was unlocked. A smurf can be useful for other achievements in this category, too.

Nothing Wasted

  • Mill 50 cards

As of now, duplicate cards (more than 2 of the same bronze card and more than 1 of the same gold card) will get milled (turned into scraps) automatically. That means, you’ll just have to wait until you opened enough duplicate cards and then enter the Deck Builder. It will happen faster if you only buy kegs from the same faction.

If you already milled more than 50 cards on other platforms, one more mill should trigger this.


  • Transmute a card.

To do that, enter the Deck Builder, right-click a non-premium card and choose Transmute. Note that some cards don’t have this option because their premium version is linked to a certain reward. Also, you will need enough Meteorite Powder to transmute the card of your choice.


  • Own at least 150 premium cards.

If you already had a collection of at least 150 premium cards before playing through steam, I believe this will unlock with your first login. Otherwise, transmuting a single cards should be more than enough.

New players can either spend real money on Meteorite Powder or collect it by spending Reward Points, complete quests, etc. The cheapest cards are Commons (bronze cards with a white triangle on the top left) with a cost of 30 Meteorite Powder to transform into premium.

Fantastic Five

  • Obtain at least one leader from each faction.

The wording of this achievement is a bit off. You’ll need at least one additional leader (besides the default) for each of the first five factions (Monsters, Northern Realms, Nilfgaard, Skellige and Scoia’Tael). You can unlock these in the reward book on the first page. Defaults are:

  • MO: Eredin
  • NR: Foltest
  • NG: Emhyr
  • SK: Crach
  • ST: Filavandrel

These will not count towards this achievement.

Additionally, this achievement is known to be bugged. If you already had an alternative leader for each faction before playing first through Steam, there’s a chance that it won’t unlock. And if you already had all alternative skins, there’s only one way left to make it trigger: create a second account. There, you’ll need to grind 50 Reward Points to unlock an alternative leader for each of the five starting factions. This achievement should then be yours.

Mechanic-Related Achievements

No Man Left Behind

  • Resurrect at least 5 cards in a match.

  • Best Faction: Skellige.
  • Leader Ability: Blaze of Glory.
  • Core cards: Crowmother, Sigrdrifa’s Rite, Tuirseach Skirmisher x2, Morkvarg.
  • Additional help: Birna Bran, Coral, Heymaey Skald x2.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: thinning cards, Skellige cards, cards that destroy your own units (to kill Crowmother), alchemy cards.
  • What to do: Play Crowmother in turn 1, if possible. Discard the Skirmishers and Morkvarg. Revive any Skellige card with Sigrdrifa’s Rite. Resurrect Crowmother with alchemy cards.

Note: Only cards that summon another card from the graveyard seem to count towards this achievement. I couldn’t test it properly, though, so it is possible that Second Wind (leader ability) and Freya’s Blessing also work.

Mission Impossible

  • Destroy a unit that is immune.

  • Best Faction: Scoia’Tael.
  • Leader ability: Call of Harmony.
  • Core cards: Saesenthessis, Scorch/Glorious Hunt.
  • Additional help: –
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: enough different unique primary category cards to reach Call of Harmony [9] (at least one Elf, Dryad, Machine, Gnome, Treant, Dwarf, Human, Beast, Dragon (included with Saesenthessis)), thinning cards
  • What to do: Mulligan Saesenthessis. As soon as either Scorch or Glorious Hunt are in your hand, make sure that Saesenthessis will actually be the tallest unit on the board, then use Call of Harmony (leader ability) to get Saesenthessis out on the board and use Scorch/Glorious Hunt in the same turn. This way, your opponent cannot mess with it.

We Are Legion

  • Spawn five allies in a single turn.

  • Best Faction: Monsters.
  • Leader Ability: Arachas Swarm x2.
  • Core cards: Arachas Nest.
  • Additional help: Whispess: Tribute, Royal Decree.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: thinning cards.
  • What to do: Play Arachas Nest. Because of the leader ability, a 5th Drone will spawn.
  • Note: It has not been tested whether the leader charges count towards this achievement.

Head Start

  • Start a round with 10 points on the board.

  • Best Faction: Scoia’Tael.
  • Leader Ability: Call of Harmony.
  • Core cards: Shupe’s Day Off, Zoltan Chivay, Gabor Zigrin.
  • Additional help: Fauve, Call of the Forest, Royal Decree.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: enough different unique primary category cards to reach Call of Harmony [10] (at least one Elf, Dryad, Machine, Gnome, Treant, Dragon, Human, Beast, Dwarf (included with Zoltan), Nature (included with Call of the Forest)).
  • What to do: As soon as Shupe’s Day Off is in your hand and you have access to one of the other cards from your hand, you can try to pull it off (60% chance to get Resilience on Shupe). It’s easiest if you wait for your opponent to pass, so he can’t kill your resilient units. It needs to happen either during the first or during the second round. Play Shupe to see if you get Resilience (only available with Shupe: Hunter), then follow up with the other 2. In your next round you will have 13 carry over.


  • Play 5 cards in a single turn.

  • Best Faction: Nilfgaard.
  • Leader Ability: Tactical Decision.
  • Core cards: Royal Decree, War Council, Menno Coehoorn, Dandelion: Poet, Marching Orders.
  • Additional help: –
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: thinning cards, tutoring cards.
  • What to do: Try to get a chain as long as possible. Example: When having Marching Orders and Royal Decree in hand, you could play a chain like this: Royal Decree -> Dandelion: Poet -> Marching Orders -> Menno Coehoorn -> War Council. After that you can still use your leader ability if the chain is only 4 long.

Romeo And Juliet

  • Destroy a Doomed enemy with a Doomed ally.

  • Best Faction: Skellige.
  • Leader Ability: Patricidal Fury.
  • Core cards: Freya’s Blessing.
  • Additional help: Ermion.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: bronze cards that let you deal targeted damage.
  • What to do: Let one of your bronze cards that deal targeted damage die. Use then your leader ability, revive the bronze card with Freya’s Blessing and kill one of the Sirens.

Hurricane Season

  • Fill your opponent’s side of the board with row effects.

  • Best Faction: –
  • Leader Ability: –
  • Core cards: Biting Frost x2, Impenetrable Fog x2, Torrential Rain x2, Scepter of Storms, Avallac’h.
  • Additional help: Avallac’h: Sage (to get out the Scepter).
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: thinning cards.
  • What to do: As soon as you have two of the core cards in hand, play one of them and the second one in the following turn (on the other row).


  • Boost a unit to over a 30 points in a multiplayer game.

  • Best Faction: Monsters.
  • Leader Ability: Force of Nature.
  • Core cards: Kayran, Wild Hunt Navigator x2, Weavess.
  • Additional help: Yghern, Golyat, Brewess, Whispess.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: Consume cards, thinning cards.
  • What to do: Consume cards until you have a card with with 28-30 power, then boost it above.

Note: I’m not sure whether self boost (Consume) counts as well. So if it doesn’t, just give the final boost with Wild Hunt Navigator, for example.

Deck-Related Achievements


  • Win a game using 15 special cards.

  • Best Faction: Nilfgaard.
  • Leader Ability: Tactical Decision.
  • Core cards: Triss: Telekinesis, Aguara: True Form, Avallac’h.
  • Additional help: War Council, Alzur’s Double Cross, Marching Orders, Royal Decree, Menno Coehoorn, Artorius Vigo, Impera Brigade x2, Xarthisius.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: 8 additional special cards, thinning cards, Assimilate cards.
  • What to do: Try to play every special card in the deck with the help of thinning. Additionally, Triss: Telekinesis, Avallac’h and Aguara: True Form need to be played in order to reach a total of 15 played cards, because the maximum for special cards in a deck is 12.

Go All In

  • Fully deplete your deck.

  • Best Faction: Nilfgaard.
  • Leader Ability: Tactical Decision.
  • Core cards: Artorius Vigo, Impera Brigade x2, Vilgefortz, War Council, Marching Orders, Menno Coehoorn, Xarthisius/Alzur’s Double Cross.
  • Additional help: –
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: not more than 2 different Bronze units besides Impera Brigade (to guarantee the pick with Artorius Vigo), Tactic cards, no Artifact cards.
  • What to do: Make sure to mulligan Impera Brigade. Get them out with Artorius Vigo. Only pass after you have played at least 3 cards into a round. Use Vilgefortz on the ranged row. Use all of the thinning cards in the deck. Use Xarthisius to get out your very last card if it is a special card. Use Vilgefortz (ranged) otherwise.


  • Have 4 artifacts in play at any time.

  • Best Faction: Scoia’Tael.
  • Leader Ability: Call of Harmony.
  • Core cards: Artifacts in general (you can filter for Artifacts in the Deck Builder).
  • Additional help: Avallac’h: Sage.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: enough different unique primary category cards to reach Call of Harmony [x] where x is the highest Provision of your Scoia’Tael artifacts, neutral artifacts, thinning cards.
  • What to do: With the help of thinning and tutoring, try to get 4 artifacts on the board.


  • Destroy 3 or more units with a single card.

  • Best Faction: Skellige.
  • Leader Ability: Patricidal Fury.
  • Core cards: Udalryk.
  • Additional help: Royal Decree.
  • What to do: Use the leader ability to spawn 3 sirens, then play Udalryk and kill them.

Iron Fist

  • Win a round with only Order units.

  • Best Faction: Northern Realms.
  • Leader Ability: –
  • Core cards: Order units in general.
  • Additional help: Royal Decree.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: Order cards.
  • What to do: It’s probably easiest if you overcommit in round 1 with strong Order cards like Prince Anséis, Seltkirk of Gulet, Bloody Baron, etc. to force your opponent to pass.

Common Denominator

  • Win a multiplayer game without Golden cards in your deck.

  • Best Faction: Monsters.
  • Leader Ability: Gernichora’s Fruit.
  • Core cards: Endrega Larva, Nekkers.
  • Additional help: other Thrive cards.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: bronze cards from every power level (Drowner (2) up to Ice Giant (7)).
  • What to do: Being greedy is probably the only way to try and win 2 rounds against a viable deck. Therefore, you should probably play both Nekkers and Larva in the two rounds you want to win. Then just curve out to maximize Thrive value.

Note: Of course it is easier to just win with a bronze deck against a friend. If you try this in actual matches you’ll probably need some patience because it won’t work in every match-up.

Heart Of Gold

  • Win a battle without killing any of the opponent’s units.

  • Best Faction: Monsters.
  • Leader Ability: –
  • Core cards: Endrega Larva, Thrive cards in general.
  • Additional help: Yghern, Golyat.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: cards that curve out well, no damage cards.
  • What to do: Just play for points and refuse to use damage cards (or at least don’t kill with them). Movement cards are allowed.

Your wish is our command

  • Use 10 order charges in a single turn.

  • Best Faction: Northern Realms
  • Leader Ability: Uprising
  • Core cards: Vissegerd
  • Additional help: Voymir, Caravan Guard x2, Immortal Cavalry x2, Royal Decree
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: Boost cards, Inspired cards
  • What to do: Play units and boost them until you have 9 boosted units on your side of the board. Then you can play Vissegerd and use all his 10 charges.

Art Of War

  • Order at least 3 units in a single turn.

  • Best Faction: Northern Realms.
  • Leader Ability: Inspired Zeal/Mobilization.
  • Core cards: Draug.
  • Additional help: Royal Decree, Alzur’s Double Cross, Caravan Guard, Immortal Cavalry.
  • How to fill the rest of the deck: Human cards, Zeal cards.
  • What to do: Play like 4-6 cards with the Human tag on a row, then play Draug. Your opponent will most likely not be able to kill more than 1 Cursed Revenant, so you’ll have enough of them to get the achievement. Otherwise you can still help with the leader ability.


  • Deal a total of 30 damage to units in one multiplayer game.

I would suggest to either play a Skellige, Northern Realms or Syndicate deck that is built around damage dealing cards. Core cards for each faction could be:

  • Skellige: Wild Boar of the Sea, Morkvarg: Heart of Terror, An Craite Longship x2, Savage Bear x2, Hemdall.
  • Northern Realms: Falibor, Prince Anséis, Vissegerd, Redanian Archer x2, Tridam Infantry x2.
  • Syndicate: Ewald Borsodi, Tinboy, Moreelse, Bloody Good Fun x2, Assault x2.

All in all, this achievement should not be very hard to get.


  • Control at least 5 cards with the same power.

Just re-use the deck from the We Are Legion achievement. You can also just use all of the Arachas Swarm leader ability charges to have five 1 power units.


  • Win the final round of a multiplayer game by 50 or more points.

I would argue that this is a deck-related achievement because only certain decks can get ahead so far in points. Of course you’ll need some luck with the match-up. Possible decks are:

  • Greatsword Skellige (Dagur Two-Blade, An Craite Greatsword x2, Wild Boar of the Sea).
  • Passiflora Syndicate (Passiflora, Adriano the Mink, Sly Seductress x2).
  • Kikimore Queen Monsters (Kikimore Queen, Caranthir Ar-Feiniel, Renew, Yghern).
  • Instead of trying to get this achievement with a certain deck it may be easier to unlock this in Seasonal Mode (if it supports high point generation). Also, playing a friend would make this a lot easier.

Arena-Related Achievements

Baptized With Fire

  • Play a card from 5 different factions during a match.

This should be quite easy to obtain in the Arena. Just draft some diverse cards and eventually you’ll have a round in which you play cards from five different factions.

Deal With The Devil

  • Play one arena game.

Just start an Arena run (it will cost 150 Ore to enter), draft your deck and play a game.

Dupe The Devil

  • Finish a contract with Gaunter (complete an arena run).

After entering the Arena, play until you either have 3 losses or 9 wins. The run will be over and you will get this achievement. I belive it even triggers when you break the contract.

Apple Of His Eye

  • Complete an arena run with at least 6 wins.

This probably requires you to have a somewhat deeper understanding of the game. It is helpful if you know a lot of cards and it will come in very handy if you know all the mechanics and when to pass. However, with a strong deck it should be possible for new players as well.


  • Have 3 copies of the same cards in an arena deck.

  • This is probably one of the toughest achievements to get. With over 1000 cards in the game, it has become difficult to get multiple copies of the same card in an Arena deck. While pairs are quite common, you’ll most likely need some patience, Ore and luck to get a triple.
  • I did not want to wait for this to happen by chance, but instead I wanted to “grind” it. I started an Arena run and drafted my deck. In the end I would break the contract immediately if I wasn’t successful. I continued to do this until I got lucky.
  • The draft is fairly easy: Look at the 4 options, check whether you already have one of them, otherwiese pick a random card. I spent something like 4000 Ore until I got this achievement.
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