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Evolve Stage 2 - Lennox Assault Guide (Weapons, Comps and Strategies)

Written by Lennylegend800   /   May 30, 2020    

In this guide I will be going over the basics for Lennox. I will cover weapons, comps, and strategies for playing Lennox.

Comprehensive Guide to Lennox

Basics of Lennox

Lennox is the Assault class in Evolve. Her job is to do damage to the monster at close range, and apply pressure from long range.

Her first weapon is the Auto Cannon. It is a reliable weapon when not used in close quarters. It can chip at the monsters hp and take care of dangerous wildlife from a distance. It is a great defensive tool but it comes with a couple downsides. It has the longest reload animation out any assault, and its shots are slightly delayed, so when shooting, aim ahead. It has a large clip size so no need to reload often.

Her next weapon is the Plasma Lance. It is a short range melee-type weapon that deals higher damage the more it hits consecutively. It is a dangerous tool for the monster, but aim carefully. The damage ramp can be reset after missing, getting hit, or by not shooting after a while. It can also shoot through small trees and cliff-sides; you can tell if the weapon will hit if your crosshair turns red. Nows your chance to strike!

Her Special ability is the Thunder Strike. You can leap forward a short distance and deal large damage on impact! It has an 18 second recharge, so plan ahead on where you leap!

Her final ability is, of course, the Defense Matrix. Use it if you're close to low health. After the matrix is gone, begin to play carefully!

General Tips to Lennox

Her Auto Cannon can be a lack luster assault weapon without proper aim; Remember to aim ahead since it has delayed shots. When getting focused by the monster, use the Auto Cannon. You cannot build continuous Plasma Lance damage while you are getting hit, so it is better to use the Cannon to chip at the monsters hp.

If you have Jetpack Recharge, you can fly while using the plasma lance easier! The monster will have a harder time hitting you. Just remember to pay attention to when the monster has used their abilities and traversals.

You can use Thunder Strike to close distance to the monster. It is a great tool with chasing; Jetpack boost and then immediately use Thunder Strike for some good distance. Try not to use it in a closed environment, you may hit the edge of the ceiling mid-leap. Unless you get ♥♥♥t with the aoe then all is good.

Composition and Perks

Lennox has some great damage potential is played correctly, but must also rely on good teammates to keep her alive and in the monsters face! Here are some compositions she works in.

Basic Comp

Lennox, Maggie, Hank, Val.

A Nice Defense Comp

Harpoons keep the monsters pinned so you can land hits. Careful not to get hit by melee when the monster breaks harpoons when chaining lance. Aim for Val's weak spots/ Headshots when using the auto cannon.

Perks: Movement Speed, Jetpack Recharge.

Damage Comp

Lennox, Wasteland Maggie, Cabot, Rogue Val.

Harpoon still works here. Coordinate with Cabot when to amplify your Plasma Lance shots and your Thunder Strikes.

Perks: Movement Speed, Jetpack Recharge.

Chase Comp

Lennox, Abe, Sunny, Caira

Stasis helps slow the monster and catch it. Coordinate with Sunny to pressure the monster. Stick with the medic for a speed boost and remember to use Thunder Strike frequently to close distance.

Perks: Movement Speed

Laz Comp

Lennox, Griffin, Hank, Laz.

Play defensively. Healing is not a constant here, so make sure you keep line of sight with Hank if you're getting focused. Remember to Never manually pick up downed hunters when Lazarus is alive!!!

Perks: Health Regeneration, Jetpack Recharge.

Mother and Son

Lennox, Jack, Hank, Emet.

Jack's Repulsor can help keep the monster from kiting away from the Assault. This is a good roaching comp and can be very annoying for the monster in certain situations.

Perks: Movement speed, Jetpack Recharge.

Perks I do not recommend: Reload Speed, Damage Reduction, Damage Bonus, Capacity Increase, Quick Switch.

Reload only works for Auto Cannon and Thunder Strike, there are better options. Capacity only works for Auto Cannon as well, it does not increase the amount you can chain with lance (sadly). Quick Switch can end up locking your weapons in the reload state.

Jump Height is a nice mobility option, and can help you reach monsters in a higher area. Very situational so I dont recommend it as much as the other mobility perks.

Other Tips

A general tips and tricks for Lennox.

Plasma Lance can his through objects. Pay attention to the red crosshair as mentioned before.This is important because it lets you know the timing to hit!

Slay any hostile wildlife; One or two plasma lances can kill small wildlife. Careful when facing larger wildlife, as it takes more hits to kill them, and pay attention to when they charge or pounce to keep up the lance charges.

Thunder Strike has AoE damage! Use this against large packs of wildlife. If you get hit with an ability while leaping, your AoE may still have a chance to hit.

Try to predict where the monster is moving to land a Thunder Strike. Time it correctly against Wraiths Abduction spot, or Goliaths Charge path. It does not cover much height when in mid air, so stay above a Kraken and time when he dashes.

Spread away from a downed hunter to get the monster to focus another player. Getting close may not be an option, so use the Auto Cannon to pick as their health.

Always play aggressively when your shield is ready/up! Start playing defensively when the shield is down. Get some lance shots in if the monster isn't focusing you, then switch to the auto cannon when backing off.

When engaging the beginning of a dome, try to kill some wildlife first, then attack the monster. You wont have to ramp your damage against the monster as much, and you will do more damage faster!

Trouble against Kraken? Get to high ground, and stick to the auto cannon. When the Kraken descends, Thunder Strike/Plasma Lance away! It may help to practice aiming the Auto Cannon in single player games.

Plasma Lance has just enough range to keep out of Wraiths Warp Blast. Try not to be too close to the wraith when she uses it. Use it from above when she uses Supernova, it helps to have a jetpack recharge perk or Sunny to aid with this.

Written by Lennylegend800.