Crucible – Battle Pass Guide

Here is an overview of the battle pass, how to earn rewards inside it and what the challenges are.

Guide to Battle Pass

Battle Pass Overview

Im assuming at this point everyone knows what a battle pass is, but for those who don’t in this game you earn stars from challenges you complete, which then allows you to level up your battle pass, unlocking skins, emotes and emblems as well as drop pods (TLDR cosmetic items as well as slight XP gains / double xp when pass is complete) there are 2 battle passes, a free and paid pass, the paid pass is free to those who install the game before june 1st (buy pass with the 1000 free credits).

*i have not when writing this review spent any money in game so this is a free to play’s point of view*

This battle pass includes (Paid):

  • 80 levels (800 battle pass stars needed).
  • 7 hero skins.
  • 1200 credits.
  • 200 season 1 battle pass stars (will be used when season 1 starts / advances season 1 by 20 levels).
  • 5 drop pod skins.
  • 10 audio quips.
  • 9 emotes.
  • 10 emojis.
  • 8 drop pod stickers.
  • +100% hero XP gain (100% only gained when at level 80).
  • 1 battle pass key (allows you to unlock a legendary skin).
  • 8 profile emblems.

This battle pass includes (Free):

  • 250 credits.
  • 4 drop pod stickers.
  • 4 profile emblems.

Note: It finishing at level 36 but there isn’t a reward at every level.

Daily Challenges

Daily challenges are challenges that reset every day with different requirements, this can very from shooting certain types of plants, play certain heros or winning a certain amount of games. These can net you 2 – 3 stars per challenge completed (3 challenges per day) so in theory you can get 9 stars a day. you can also swap out a challenge if you don’t like one, once a day, just click the two polar opposite arrows next to the challenge in order to do this.

Daily challenges can be accessed by everyone.

Weekly Challenges

These challenges can only be completed if you have the paid battle pass and a new set if 8 challenges is added every week (80 stars = 8 battle pass level) these range widely from damage done, going to certain areas of the map or getting kills. You can complete these challenges even if that certain week has passed.

Seasonal Challenges

Seasonal challenges last up until the season finishes (about every 50 days) these are fairly grindy challenges and after 55 hours of play time i have finished all 3, which give you 3 emblems.

Battle Pass Keys

Keys can be obtained 2 ways, either buying them in a bundle or reaching level 80 on the battle pass, this will then allow you to unlock an exclusive and legendary hero skin for you to keep.

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