Zombie Panic! Source – Complete Achievements Guide

This guide will help you in achieving achievements. How, where and how many people do you need to get them better and as quickly as possible.

How to Obtain All Achievements

ZPO_Maps (Objective)

This place will contain information related only to map achievements, for both, the secret ones and the cumulative ones.


Dead in the Water

  • Win a round on Aquatica as a Zombie.

Deep Blue

  • Complete Aquatica as a Survivor once.

There You Are!

  • As a Survivor, kill the zombie who is carrying the keycard on Aquatica.

Can’t… Read

  • As a Zombie, steal the documents before the survivors obtain them on Aquatica.



  • Win a round on Biotec as a Zombie.

Get to da Choppa!

  • Complete Biotec as a Survivor once.

Key Grip

  • As a Survivor, open the secret bonus room on Biotec.


Settling In

  • Win a round on Corpsington as a Zombie.

More Safer than Ever

  • Complete Corpsington as a Survivor once.

Human Carrier

  • As a Survivor, push the generator all the way up until the end on Corpsington.


Dead Snow

  • Win a round on Frozenheart as a Zombie.

Almost Below Zer0

  • Complete Frozenheart as a Survivor once.

Gasso Fanatic

  • As a Survivor, find and fill up 50 gas cans in the generator on Frozenheart.


Bad Crops

  • Win a round on Harvest as a Zombie.

Broad Side of a Barn

  • Complete Harvest as a Survivor once.

Just a Pizza Delivery Guy

  • As a Zombie, kill at least two survivors before the emergency broadcast ends on Harvest.


Work Strike

  • Win a round on Keretti as a Zombie.

Taking Executive Action

  • Complete Keretti as a Survivor once.


Hostile Locals

  • Win a round on Murksville as a Zombie.

Part Time Ship-Mechanic

  • Complete Murksville as a Survivor once.



  • Win a round on Shreddingfield as a Zombie.

Duck and Cover

  • Complete Shreddingfield as a Survivor once.


Departure Delayed Indefinitely

  • Win a round on Subway as a Zombie.

In Transit

  • Complete Subway as a Survivor once.

Always Have a Plan B!

  • As a Survivor, escape through the alternative route on Subway.


Silent Cruise

  • Win a round on Tanker as a Zombie.


  • Complete Tanker as a Survivor once.


More Than a Little Turbulence

  • Win a round on Zomboeing as a Zombie.

Neville Flynn

  • Complete Zomboeing as a Survivor once.

Delivery Boy

  • As a Survivor, find and deliver 20 supply crates on Zomboeing.

Grand Theft Auto

  • As a Survivor, hotwire the truck 25 times on Zomboeing.

ZPS_Maps (Survival)


Forceful Admittance

  • Win a round on Asylum as a Zombie.

Proven Sane

  • Survive Asylum as a Survivor once.


Bloody Eviction

  • Win a round on Blackout as a Zombie.

Club Zombo Lives On

  • Survive Blackout as a Survivor once.


Brainz COMBO to Go

  • Win a round on Cinema as a Zombie.

Religious Movie Goer

  • Survive Cinema as a Survivor once.


Party Crasher

  • Win a round on Clubzombo as a Zombie.

This One Is On the House

  • Survive Clubzombo as a Survivor once.

Music Critic

  • Destroy the sound board in Club Zombo while the music is on.


Should Have Stayed Indoors

  • Win a round on Survival Corpsington as a Zombie.

Running On Fumes

  • Survive Corpsington as a Survivor once.


Graveyard Guardian

  • Win a round on Deadend as a Zombie.


  • Survive Deadend as a Survivor once.


  • Find a way to activate the radio inside the church on Deadend.


New Residents

  • Win a round on Haunted as a Zombie.

Moving In

  • Survive Haunted as a Survivor once.


Displeased with The Management

  • Win a round on Survival Keretti as a Zombie.

Second Time’s the Charm!

  • Survive Keretti as a Survivor once.



  • Win a round on Nightmare as a Zombie.

Lucid Dreaming

  • Survive Nightmare as a Survivor once.


Claws and Ordure

  • Win a round on Policestation as a Zombie.


  • Survive Policestation as a Survivor once.


Organ Harvest

  • Win a round on Ruralpanic as a Zombie.

Settling Down

  • Survive Ruralpanic as a Survivor once.



  • Win a round on Sapidcerebrum as a Zombie.

Keep LIVE!

  • Survive Sapidcerebrum as a Survivor once.


  • As a Survivor, destroy all the toilets in Sapid Cerebrum.


New Inmates

  • Win a round on Silence as a Zombie.

Quiet Rehabilitation

  • Survive Silence as a Survivor once.

Grave Encounters

  • As a Survivor, be the last man standing and win the round on Silence.


Out of Service

  • Win a round on Thrillvile as a Zombie.

Another Weekly Visit

  • Survive Thrillvile as a Survivor once.

No Fun Allowed

  • As a Zombie, do a total of 800 damage on Thrillville.


Streets of Decay

  • Win a round on Survival Town as a Zombie.

Night Out

  • Survive Town as a Survivor once.


Six Feet Under

  • Win a round on Underground as a Zombie.

Reach for the Surface

  • Survive Underground as a Survivor once.

ZPH_Map (Hardcore)


Work Hazard

  • Win a round on Pithole as a Zombie.


  • Survive Pithole as a Survivor once.

Various Achievements

Fighting for A Greater Cause

  • Complete any official objective map for the first time.

A Survivor is Born

  • Survive any official survival map for the first time.

Unstoppable Claws

  • As the Carrier, kill three survivors in the same life.

Born Leader

  • As the Carrier, lead a group of 5 or more zombies.

Changing Sides

  • After being infected, kill a survivor right after turning into a zombie.

Introduced to the Fold

  • As the Carrier, infect three survivors in the same round.

It’s for Your Own Good

  • As a Survivor, kill an infected survivor before he turns into a zombie.

Sharing Is Caring!

  • Share a full box of ammo with a teammate needing.

For this achievement you will need to activate the voice menu in settings. Go to the Main menu -> Options / Settings -> Game options -> Keyboard, and here you need to find the voice menu #2 and bind a key to it. After entering the game with your friend, you will need to give ammo box to him. To do that, your friend will need to press the button he assigned to voice menu #2, and pick “I need ammunition!” voice line. After that, you will need to press “T” on him to give him ammo box, which will grant you the achievement.

Melee Master

  • Win any round using only melee weapons (requires at least one melee kill).

Multiple Personalities

  • Play a full round as every ZPS character.

For that achievement you should pick different character every full round. That means after you win/lose on a map, you should change it to the next one. You can do it like that: Main menu -> Options / Settings -> Character selection.

You Need This More than I Do!

  • Share a fully loaded heavy firearm with a teammate needing.

This achievement works just like “Sharing Is Caring!”, but now your friend needs to choose “I need a weapon!” voice line, after that you need to press “G” to give him a weapon, but it needs to be a heavy weapon (Shotgun, Assault rifle, etc.).

Rest in Pieces

  • Blow yourself up along with 3 zombies using an IED.

Best way to do this is to load up the map ZPO_Aquatica, there, after completing two missions, you will be taken to the security room, where C4 will be located. Get 3 friends to be zombies, throw C4 under your feet and explode them!

Feeding Frenzy

  • As a Zombie, assist in killing two survivors while berserk mode.

When you play as an ordinary zombie, you will need to fill your FEED-O-METER bar, it will look like a red bar, after that you will have to press “SHIFT” and hit 2 players, and then the carrier will need to kill them or another zombie.

Game version 3.1.0

Cading Up

  • As a Survivor, barricade 150 times.

Any map should work just fine on that. Take a hammer, a barricade (if you have the old version), and press RMB then LMB and then E to remove it.


  • Kill 3 zombies with one single grenade. Best map for this is ZPO_Frozenheart.


  • As a Survivor, play in a round where everyone is playing as Eugene and Marcus.

1$ THi$ W0Rk1n/

  • Do a total of 600 damage with a keyboard.

Couch Potatoed

  • As a Zombie, prop kill a survivor. Just find a red barrel and expload it near the survivor.

In Line!

  • Kill 6 consecutive regular zombies by headshots with a revolver without reloading or changing weapons. Don’t shoot at the carrier, because he needs 2 shoots from revolver!

My Burning Love

  • As a Zombie, set a survivor on fire.

Insatiable Hunger

  • As a Zombie, kill 50 survivors with headshots.

Bought One, Got One For Free

  • As a Survivor, kill 2 Zombies with a single melee swing.

This may seem like a difficult achievement, because there is a chance that you will kill one instead of two. To do this, you need to find a sledgehammer (this is the best weapon for this achievement), then make one blow to each zombie and kill them by placing them nearby.


  • As a Zombie, destroy 150 breakable props. Best farm for this achievement is ZPS_Thrillvile, just turn on zombie vision on “F” and destroy all yellow objects.

Borrowed Time

  • As a Survivor, delay someone’s infection with a green inoculator. Press right mouse button on your friend, while he is infected.


  • Kill 3 zombies in a row through headshots with the baseball bat.


  • Kill an infected survivor with a shovel.

Brainz Out Time

  • Kill 30 zombies with a sledgehammer through headshots.

Food Inspector

  • As the Carrier, use your spotting ability on 100 different survivors.

Press E while looking at the survivor (you need to be close to him). Repeat 100 times.

Here’s Jonny!

  • Break 80 unfortunate doors.

Achievement is performed for zombies, as it’s easier for them to see which doors can be broken. Therefore, we pick the zombies, turn on the vision of the zombies by pressing “F”, look for the doors marked as red and break them.

World Traveler

  • Play a full round on all of the official maps.


  • As a Zombie, destroy 50 barricades. Better maps for farm ZPO_Aquatica (new version)

Special Meat

  • As a Survivor, be spotted by a Carrier 45 times.

The achievement is achieved just like the “Food Inspector”, but now you are in the place of the survivor, and your friend in the place of the carrier. While your companion is farming an achievement, you just need to stand afk and enjoy the views of the map. 🙂


  • As the Carrier, use ‘Roar’ ability 250 times.

This achievement is not easy, but also not difficult. All you need to do is: Revive -> Press “R” -> Die -> Repeat 250 times. The best map for this is ZPO_Aquatica. Why exactly this map? The zombies have endless lifes, after completing two missions there will be a good spawn point for zombies.

First mission:

Second mission:

After second mission. The place and the point we need:

Whitey’s Right Claw

  • As a Zombie, have a total of 100 kill assists.

Dr. Salk

  • As a Survivor, heal a total of 25 survivors with the white or red inoculator.

For the same achievement, the best map would be ZPO_Biotec. If you know the map well, then it will take you about 6-8 minutes (to familiarize yourself with the map, you can watch the video attached to the “Key Grip” achievement) to reach the laboratory and take from 2 to 4 inoculators, depending on your luck!

All you need is to take the inoculators, get the zombies (not to the carrier, because there is a chance that the survivor will become infected and you will not have time to use all inoculators, but if you are sure that you will succeed, then everything is fine) to hit a survivor once, and then get near the survivor and press RMB. Repeat this procedure 7-10 times and you’re done!

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