Project Winter – The Big Brain Innocent’s Advanced Strategy Guide

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This guide is intended for experienced players who are looking to become even better. If you’re jumping into your first few games, there are other guides out there. This is also only going to go into survivor strategy.

In this patch, survivors are incredibly strong. If you are a strong leader and have a good plan, you should be winning the majority of your inno games, often with 4+ survivors.

This is a sweaty guide. This is a playstyle for innocents who understand that their allies are dumb sheep who need to be shepherded and told what to do. You’re going to have to be bossy. This is a sweaty, stressful playstyle that ain’t for everyone.

Game Start

At the very start of the game (first few seconds), write your role into the chat. The best players use the chat to take notes.

Ask other people to do the same. What you are looking to accomplish, is to have the soldier and defector claim as early as possible. There can only be one of these roles, so traitors will only claim it if they check the role list and see that there isn’t a soldier or defector. The traitors can’t see the roles until ~10 seconds into the game, so if this occurs, you have one or two survivors you can trust almost perfectly. This is vital.

If two people both claim defector/soldier, trust the one who claimed it off the bat.

If they both claimed off the bat or both claimed late, kill them both. Trading one survivor for one traitor is an amazing trade and is totally worth it.

Newer/bad players won’t try next-level plays like fake-claiming soldier or defector before the roles show up, so you can trust them more.

If people make claims but don’t type them, type it out. Having notes is important, otherwise you will forget.

First Objective

While doing the 1st obj, hoard some greens if you have the space and it’s not necessary for the objective. You can use these for trap disarms and radios.


The hardest of the three, you want to immediately rush the truth serum.

Once it’s open, take note of the time. Subtract 5 minutes from that, and write that timestamp into the chat. That is when the next serum is available, you want to get there before anyone else does.

Make sure that the defector or soldier claim gets the serum. If you have the serum, try faking people out by starting the serum animation and cancelling it. If people run away and try to avoid being scanned, you’ve found a traitor without wasting a serum. Kill anyone who runs, chase them down if you can, exile them if you can’t.

Try to get people on your side prior to the scan. If you don’t, you might end up getting killed, wasting the scan and making a traitor look good.

Sometimes you will get dumb survivors who kill you when you start chasing someone down. Try your best, but you can’t win if your 5 teammates are bad.

The serum lab will often have everything you need. If not, continue bunker busting until your squad has enough stuff. Don’t go too far from the cabin unless you are in a group of at least 5, or you are going with a confirmed good player.

Do not place resources into the obj until you are ready to complete it. Keep your resources on hand, or hide them somewhere and bring them in later.

Take stock of who helped. If anyone disappeared, or isn’t immediately visible, exile them. If you exile a traitor, you are forcing them to go hot. If you exile an inno, no biggie. They can plead their case later, and you’ve gathered some intel. In general, exile very often. There is no real downside, other than the occasional braindead innocent who will accuse you of being suspicious because you are throwing shade. Everyone in this game is guilty until proven innocent.

Hide excess resources, so you can use them for crafting, or the 2nd objective, or repairing the 1st objective if it gets sabo’d.

Cypher Station

Squad up, get some fire kits, move around with the largest team you can. Do not split up. If you split up into 2 teams of 4, you are just going to have 2 traitors kill 2 innos, and you’ll end up with a team of 4 in the end.

Traitors will panic when they see an 8-squad, and will usually ditch or try to convince people to split into multiple groups.

Exile or kill anybody who ditches or doesn’t come with. Be suspicious of anyone who advocates for splitting the group.

If people tell you “We’ll be twice as fast if we split up”, that’s dumb and wrong. You’re just throwing two survivors to their graves. The 2 traitors will always make sure they are together, and they’ll get 2 picks.

Exception: if you are the hacker, you can craft 2 electronic, bail, and get some codes.

If someone claims to be the hacker and ditches, make sure they produce results. If they don’t produce results, kill them or exile them.

Dig Site

If you do this one properly, you should win every time. Dig site is trivially easy in this patch.

Get your weapon, get your shovel, get the locations. Tell people where you’re going, and go there. Get the two parts as quickly as possible. Socially distance. Don’t let anybody close to you. Tell people to stay away, threaten to attack them if they get close. If they get close, down their ♥♥♥ and they can plead their case while they’re down.

Other players who are socially distancing are paranoid, and innocents are paranoid. Remember who is freaking out and paranoid at this stage. If a good player is being really friendly, and you’re not confirmed, that guy is sus.

After you have your two parts, you can either return to the base and hope someone brought the other two parts, or go to the other location and get the other two parts yourself. If the locations are far apart, I tend to return to the cabin. Else, I go for the next spot.

If you get duplicates, that’s good. Hide them somewhere. You can use those parts to easily repair the objective if it gets sabo’d.


Once the first objective is completed, trap up the first objective. Defector should be gathering traps and poison, and ditching them somewhere. Defector can then trap the 1st obj up, so that it can’t get sabo’d.

Kill anybody who goes into the obj without traps. Make sure they lay traps.

If you haven’t found the 2nd objective yet, scout it out. You can go solo for this and spread out, so long as you socially distance and trust nobody you shouldn’t. Remember where you’ve already been, and don’t scout there.

When you find the 2nd objective, either trigger the beacon (if you don’t have a power squad with radios that you trust), or tell your teammates but keep it hush-hush so the traitors don’t know where it is. If you hit a poison or bomb while touching the obj, the traitors already know where it is, and you can safely trigger the beacon.

Second Objective

This late in the game, you should be discussing with your team what you think about certain players, and planning ahead which of them you are going to KOS (kill on sight). You don’t want to disagree once you see the guy, and he runs away while you debate it. Figure out who’s sus enough to kill, and kill them. Better safe than sorry.

Learn your team’s voices so you can coordinate over radio, or during bunnies.

If the traitors have been going hot for a while, they likely have trapped the objective up like crazy. A trap disarmer can be the difference between life and death, and you often have got 3 electric lying around after the 1st obj.

You can optionally leave a teammate behind at the first objective, to defend it (hide behind the building and murder the traitor when he hits a bear trap), and call in the rescue.


If you haven’t already, go do the truth serum for materials. Hide resources, don’t leave them in the obj to be stolen. Or just keep them in your hands until your squad has enough mats.

If you’re having trouble coordinating with your team who has what resources, ask everyone to type into the chat how many of the relevant resources they’re carrying.

Make sure you are stacking resources efficiently. If I have 2 green and you have 1 green, you can give me the green and have an extra spot.


If you have a decent number of living players, this should be a cakewalk.

Make sure you’ve got some bear traps, healing items, fire kit, whatever. You’re going to be camping and fighting there for a while.

Call out and communicate animals when you see them.

Pace yourself. If you keep holding the button while people are fighting, you are just going to spawn more animals and overwhelm your team. Once a few animals spawn, stop holding the button and help fight them off. Make sure people are ready to fight before you restart the button.

Be very suspicious about “accidental” friendly fire here. It is entirely possible to get 2v5’d during the combat, especially if you are low on resources. The name of the game is social distancing.

ID Thieves Are Your Enemy

Don’t trust ID thief claims. Just kill ’em. If they’re claiming that they used to be ID thief but aren’t, you can sometimes get away with seruming them or something. But almost always, just kill ’em.

If an ID thief has already swapped to innocent, they shouldn’t need to tell you that they’re ID thief.

Some people don’t like this and will freak out if you try to kill and ID thief. Try to get people on your side, or just assassinate the ID thief away from the base if you think you can.

ID thief is either already a traitor, will become a traito or needs an inno to die in order to become an inno.

When you kill a traitor, poison the corpse and/or hide it. Take note of people who interact with the corpse. They could be the ID thief that just swapped.

If they were looting the corpse, they should only need to interact with the corpse once. Make them say what’s inside the corpse to prove that they looted it, rather than swapping role.

Better players tend to be more ballsy, and want to go for the traitor swap rather than the innocent swap. You can be a little more tolerant of newer/worse/less ambitious players since they often want to be nice and not murder the whole team.

Written by Comrade Covid

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