Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – How to Shoot Down a Helicopter

How to get dem choppas with your boomstick.

Guide to Shoot Down Flying Machines

Available Boomsticks

You don’t need any specific boomstick to destroy a helicopter, but there are two boomsticks which are extremely good at this job, let’s start with our second place.


This fully-automatic 12.7x108mm cal. bad boy does have some really big rounds, basically all you need to do is shoot somewhere around a helicopter until it’s down.


  • Easy to use.
  • Does a lot of damage.
  • Infinite ammo (50 rounds per belt).
  • Can be used on distances up to 1km.


  • Mounted on a tripod, can be used only while placed.
  • Can only be picked up.
  • Often bugs and just doesn’t respawn when destroyed.


The best of the best, at least in a good hands, often used as anti-infantry weapon.


  • Oneshots everything.
  • Meme gun.
  • Comes with RPG class and can be picked up from dead teammate.
  • Cool rocket sounds.
  • Handheld anti-air.
  • Can kill with it’s backblast.


  • There are none.

How to Shoot Down a Helicopter

After you chose your personal anti-helicopter weapon, you can start your duck hunting, i will provide some protips on how to efficiently destroy any annoying birds in the sky

Anything that isn’t DShK or an RPG

  1. Find a helicopter.
  2. Wait for a good moment.
  3. Try to kill the pilots.

If failed, repeat steps 2 and 3 until helicopter is destroyed.

How to DShK

  1. Find and grab the dshk before your teammates (hardest step).
  2. Find a good spot where you can see the sky.
  3. Wait for the helicopters to appear.
  4. Just aim at the general direction of a helicopter and shoot at it.

  • Pro tip: avoid cobras.

How to RPG

  1. Grab an RPG class.
  2. Steal an RPG from dead teammate (skip if step 1 was successful).
  3. Find a helicopter.
  4. Wait for a good moment.
  5. Just erase enemy helicopter with your left mouse button.

  • Pro tip: crouch helps with aiming.
  • Pro tip 2: don’t kill your teammates with backblast (or just pretend that this was an accident).


Now you know how to absolutely annihilate helicopters, just keep your eyes open and no pilot will be able to get away from his inevitable death,

Written by AlexMaster

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