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Sea of Thieves - How to Get Gold and Reputation

Written by shungitewarrior239   /   Jun 4, 2020    

This guide will teach you the best way to get money/ level up your factions very quickly with a secret activity that is not told ingame called : Fort of the damned.

Guide to Gold and Reputation

The Fort of the Damned Activity

Fort of the damned is an island/fort located in the center of the map, it is usually dormant until a player starts it by doing a special ritual with a number of different items, when completing the fort, a vault key will drop and can be used to open the vault which will contain the best loot the game has to offer.

How to Start the Activity

You will need a ritual skull and all the 6 lantern colors.

The Lantern Colors

First the lantern colors, the lantern colors are 6 different colors you get when waiting to respawn.

You go to the Well and Right click with lantern to raise it.

Now we will talk about all the different ways to die and all the different colors.

Red Flame

You get this flame by dying to fire damage, Best way to do that is to damage yourself to 1 hp then throw a firebomb at your feet.

Blue Flame

To get this flame you will need to die to a shark.

Best way to do that is to damage yourself to 1 hp and just wait in the ocean until a shark comes and kills you.

Purple Flame

You get this flame by dying to venom from a snake damage.

Snakes are found on multiple island in the game which are:

  • Black Sand Atoll
  • Booty Isle
  • Castaway Isle
  • Crescent Isle
  • Crook's Hollow
  • Cutlass Cay
  • Devil's Ridge
  • Discovery Ridge
  • Isle of Last Words
  • Kraken's Fall
  • Lagoon of Whispers
  • Liar's Backbone
  • Lone Cove
  • Lonely Isle
  • Picaroon Palms
  • Sandy Shallows
  • Smuggler's Bay
  • Snake Island
  • The Sunken Grove
  • The Crooked Masts
  • Wanderers Refuge

Green Flame

You get this flame by dying to any skeleton.

Best way to do this is to run around in any island until a skeleton spawns then let them kill you.

White Flame

You get this flame by dying to lightning in a storm, the way to do this is to go to the center of a storm and then bring your health low, then go to the crowsnest (tower on your ship).

And pull out your sword which increases chance to be hit by lightning by alot.

Pink Flame

  • You can get this flame by dying to an another player who is not on your crew.
  • Best way to do this is just go to a person in game and let them kill you (not your friend).

The Ritual Skull

The ritual skull is an item that can be acquired from voyages available from duke at the tavern that can be purchased once per month but also can be found at any time at skeleton ships which are best found below Ship clouds in the sky :

Starting the activity now you have all the items you need

  • After acquiring all items its time to start the fort!
  • Go to the Fort of the damned island located at the center of the map.

Once you are there.

Go up the island into the main room.

Now you start lighting the statues with their corresponding flame.

Now lastly you place the ritual skull in the metal cage in the center.

Congratulations now you have started the fort of the damned!

Doing the Fort

Special ghost skeletons will spawn with one of the 6 color of the flames.

They are immune to damage until you raise your lantern with their same color of flame.

Now you keep killing the skeletons wave after wave until the boss spawns, now the boss is quite tanky but there is a very easy way to kill him using cannons, just bring him down to the dock and shoot him with your ship cannon until he dies.

Now after killing the boss, the boss will drop the vault key, Take the key to the vault door which is located below the main room between the 2 stairs leading up to it

The Loot

Written by shungitewarrior239.