The Light Remake – Complete Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

A video speedrun walkthrough, screenshot and text guide about achievements and collectibles.

How to Obtain All Achievements and Complete the Game

Speedrun Video Walkthrough

Story Related, Unmissable Achievements


  • Skeleton in the closet.

You get this achievement when getting close to this cabinet, it will fall out of the building. The key to the basement located inside of it so you need to go out and pick up the key.

Glad to see you

  • Meeting with the beautiful.

If you enter the security room for the first time a bird will land on the desk. You need to enter the room to get a key so it is unmissable.

Bus Cracker

  • Open the door!

Awarded for opening the door with your crowbar/pipe. You need to enter the bus for the gasoline so this achievement is unmissable.

To be light

  • Start Generator.

You need to start the generator to progress on the game so this achievement is unmissable.


  • There, down.

At one point, while progressing through the basement area you will get this achievement, unmissable.


  • Play Videofilm.

You need to use projector to progress on story so this achievement is unmissable.

Missable Achievements


  • The map will help you.


I Just checked it

  • Do you want soda?

Pick up the map, red marked area and then enter to there, where the blue mark pointing to. Inside use the vending machine for “I Just checked it” achievement.


  • Yes, the same can of soda.

Pick up the same soda can you seen when you started the game.

Voice from back

  • Take phone tube.

When you leave the basement area and you end in the locked house you will see a table with a phone to it, which will start to ring. Pick it up.

God of walking simulator

  • Walk 5km.

You can quit your game, take breaks, the amount will be recorded during multiple sessions as long as you not using the “delete data” menu tab. Use sprint and keep running!

2 endings and Secret Film

There are 2 endings of the game, you will get the first while playing the game regularly:

To Light

  • Don’t be afraid of the light.


  • Stay in the shade.

However, the second ending is much more complicated. For a faster perfection it would be recommended to start with this one, but if you don’t know the map and areas this could be difficult.

How to do it?

To get this ending you need to avoid using the flashlight and the lighter as much as you can. You also need to solve a good part of the basement without using those items, so it is a bit annoying.

Deleting data

Tried to get it after i was done with the first ending, but it not worked. It is possible that the data/save summarize all time you spent in light, so it is possible that not possible to get 2nd ending after doing first one. The achievement worked on my walkthrough after i deleted the save data, what you can do on menu screen.


Before deleting save data make sure your previous progress not wasted, so earn the walk 5km achievement first.

If you done it correctly, then at the end you NOT pulled up into the air and you will stay on the ground. The achievement unlocks when all credits etc done, and you again in the same room where you started the game, do not quit the game yet….


  • Watch secret film.

…instead head to the claw crane game machine. There is a new item inside of it, get it. Now use that item on the projector in the audience room and watch the extra movie. Please keep in mind this item is there only if you playing the game after getting the Forever ending, the credit scrolled and the game ♥♥♥ by itself and you again in the starter room, if you start new game manually it not going to be there. If that happened you dont need to restart generator, you dont need to pick up keys, coins for the machine etc, you can head to the machine right away, then to the projector.

Reader – Note Collectibles


  • Read all notes.

You need to find all notes for the reader achievement in one session, without going back to menu or reloading game. This might not be 100% true, but I got the achievement when i did that, i not managed to get it when i stopped to play, quitted the game on my first playthrough while i picked up / checked every single notes during that game.

The notes are listed in chronological order inwhich you should find them:

1. Inside of the Security Office, where you also get the unmissable achievement “Glad to see you!” The room also has a key you need for progression:

2. This is inside of a room on the ground floor, closest room to the location where you pick up the map:

3. Inside of the bus, at the drivers location. There is also a fuel can inside which you need for story progression:

4. Once you enter the basement for the first time there is a note on one of the desk. The other desk has a lighter on it which you need for story progression:

5. It is inside of that building which entrance is tied with a rope and you need a lighter to burn the rope. Once inside it is on the table:

6. Once fixed the generator the sealer door inside the basement will open and you need progress through that area. Once entering the first bigger area head just forward, there is a toilet room with a note inside of it:

7. As you will progress through this undergroun area you will find another big room, the note is on the desk:

8. After previous area you will find some puzzle area, corridors unlocks once you get to end points of some tunnels. You will see a tunnel which is barred, but once you found an orthodox icon + 3 candles the bars will vanish so you can enter that tunnel. Next to the hanged shadow you will find the note on the wall:

9. At the exit of this underground area you will find a door with has a padlock on it and you need to submit a 3digit number to open it. The last note is on the corridor ot the door, pick it up before opening the padlock. The padlock code is on the 7th note:

10. Once you left the basement area you will end up in a house, the 10th note is in the sideroom, on the table:

11. It is inside of the audience room:

12. Right before the end there is a tunnel leading to the right, go that way and at the end of it you will find the last note, achievement should unlock once opened the note:

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