Sword Art Online: Lost Song – Tips for Beginners (Multiplayer and Single Player)

Useful Tips for Newbies

Multiplayer Mode

  • Go to the tavern and talk to the male receptionist to connect to the network (the left one).
  • Then choose a room or create your own room and after that the middle receptionist is for starting/cancelling a quest / confirming you have finished a quest.
  • The left one is for joining another player’s quest / leave the room.
  • After joining a quest you have to go to the tavern door and select “yes” to get ready, otherwise you won’t participate the mission.
  • For the same reason, if you start a quest make sure all players are ready before selecting yes to start the quest, otherwise you will be soloing.

Single Player Story Mode

  • Once you unlock the multiplayer mode (after finishing the 1st area), join online high rank quests as soon as possible to get high rank weapons (rank 7-10).
  • They are very powerful, you could kill some monsters in the 2nd area 1-hit without using sword skills.
  • For your information, you can’t even get rank 8 or 9 weapons in the last area.

For the first playthrough, equip your all AI partners with katana/spear/axe (high rank), with that, you have 7 choices:

  • Leafa.
  • Lisbeth.
  • Sinon.
  • Strea.
  • Sakuya.
  • Yuuki.
  • Klein.

  • Remove all sword skills so that AI partners will increase the weapon proficiency faster, until you unlock their 5th sword skills (300 skill LV).
  • Remove magic spells, except “First Aid”, as they tend to stay away from battles if they have other spells.
  • In Sinon’s quest, do not help Loki as Medallion of Njordr is much useful for AI partners.
  • They have no idea how to block attacks.
  • That’s why it would be nice to increase defense.
  • Unlock AI partners’ 5th skill of katana/spear/axe before fighting the bird boss in the 4th area.
  • Equip them with the 5th skill only, and bring pure mana crystals.
  • With that, you could kill that bird with 3 towers light-on within 1 min or so.
  • You dont have to waste your time to go through those dungeons to turn off the light.
  • All dungeons with light are meh only the one at 10 o’clock without light is good.
  • The dungeon at 11 o’clock is a must-go but not for now.

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