Gunfire Reborn – Helpful Tips (Stage 1)

Some tips that will help you beat the first boss.

Tips for Stage One

Energy Blade (1-3)

One of the most helpful things in the entire game is the Energy Blade perk for the cat character. It makes the attack after the player uses the energy orb do massive damage and with the right weapons can do unholy amounts of damage to enemies and bosses alike.

I found myself using the Argus early on in combination with Energy Blade. It made easy work of the first boss and was helpful throughout the second stage as well.

The first boss fight IS possible without Energy Blade but it takes much longer.

I highly recommend picking up Energy Blade due to it being one of the most useful perks in the game.

Weapons to use

Here are some early weapons that I found to be incredibly useful with Energy Blade while taking down Lu Wu:

  • Argus.
  • Scorching Rounds.
  • Frenzied Share.
  • Prism.
  • Wild Hunt.

Below are some other useful weapons, they helped me take on crowds of enemies.

  • Star Devourer.
  • Prism.
  • Lightning Blast.

I found most of the early game weapons to be useful but some worked much better with Energy Blade compared to others. Weapons that do high damage like the Scorching Rounds and Frenzied Share do a lot more damage while energy blade is active. On the other hand, multi-shot weapons like the Argus and Wild Hunt do extreme damage when you use energy blade and hit a headshot.

I found that the Argus/Wild Hunt worked really well on Lu Wu and I ended up beating normal mode with a Wild Hunt.

Tips for Lu Wu

Dodging is a massive part of this fight. If possible, acquire some sort of dash buff. Anyways, I suggest using the two pillars on each side of the arena only when needed since they will eventually break.

To start lets talk about the attack where Lu Wu throws a boulder at the player

  • Dodge to either side or even back after the red circle appears on the ground. If you dodge too early he will lock onto you after you used your dodge.
  • Use the two pillars as cover. The pillars will be damaged by the rock BUT the attack will not hurt you.

Next, the jump-smash attack

  • Once Lu Wu leaves the ground, dash to the left, right or even back. It can get pretty spicy if he decides to do the same attack again afterwards.

Next, the laser attack

  • This is one of the easier attacks. I recommend going being one of the pillars or just dodging out of the way.
  • For the triple shot, I dodged the first one and strafed the other two. Even if you get hit it is not that big of a deal since it is one of his less damaging attacks.

Finally, the “attack” where Lu Wu jumps back onto the rock and heals

  • I used my smoke grenades to deal with the side enemies and I kept my focus on the boss. I did this so I could at least dwindle his shield down before Lu Wг got back on the ground.

Those are all of my tips to use while fighting Lu Wu.

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