SCP: Secret Laboratory – Tips and Things to Consider while Playing

There are quite a lot of things to consider while playing this game, some of these, aren’t as important, and other things can change how the game proceeds.

Important Playing Tips and Things

Things Everyone Needs to Consider

  1. Yes, the nuke wont be able to be turned off once there are 10 seconds left, so if you want to get that achievement you will only have 5 seconds to turn off the nuke.
  2. 079 can use Tesla Gates to kill anyone. Most likely it will be humans who will get killed but sometimes a toxic 079 will kill you for not doing something.
  3. The beginning of the game is considered the stage where almost all D-bois, Facility Guards, and Scientists are alive. SCP’s will most likely be patrolling HCZ and LCZ. Mid-Game will be when there are a few D-bois and Scientists left. By this time, all Facility Guards will be dead, or there will only be 1 or 2 left. This is also when the first wave of Chaos/MTF will spawn. All SCP’s will most likely be alive, but sometimes an SCP will die to the tesla gate.SCP’s will patrol LCZ, HCZ, and EZ. (Sometimes there will be one SCP on surface). Endgame, will be when all remaining D-bois or Scientist have escaped or died. Nuke might’ve been denied a couple of times now, and a few SCP’s might be dead. The SCP’s who will be most likely to still be alive will be 079, 106, and 049/049-2. If the nuke goes off, that is most likely the end of the round. It might be an instant end or the last players will hunt down the last SCP or enemy player.
  4. Don’t be a dick. This game is a pretty laid back game and doesn’t need to be ruined by some toxic ♥♥♥.
  5. The best way to learn is from experience. Use what you’ve seen, or what has happened to you, in a good way. Someone found a secret area you can jump through and not get damage? Use that. Someone bamboozled you in a way you never thought would happen? Use that as well! Keep an open eye for small details that can help you for the rest of the time you play this game.

Things Humans Need to Consider

All humans

  1. Don’t stay in large groups. There is this weird thing that will make you slower if you are moving with people. If in large groups, avoid contact with other players so this doesn’t happen. Either way, you still want some people to be with you in case of danger. I recommend groups of 2-5 people so you wont be alone and you don’t have to worry about that glitch.
  2. If you are hiding from an SCP in the corner of a door, look at the corner and down. You will be able to see what is passing through that gate, and if there is a peanut/096, it wont trigger them. (I’m not sure about 096 since this new update made him very sensitive to looks.)
  3. Have a radio. This is up to you, but its better to know that you are not alone when you’re hiding in the HCZ armory. You can see where people are, and sometimes use that to your advantage.


  1. Getting a keycard isn’t all skill, its also luck. You can tell where you are depending on the numbers on top of LCZ, but since the map is randomly generated, there is almost no guarantee you will be able to get one. Who knows? One wrong turn and you’re in a dead end with a gate. You could end up in 173’s chamber and see that no locker spawned up there, and while you still keep on searching, D bois and scientists have already reached 914, and you can only hide and wait.
  2. Don’t trust the guards. Especially if you are in a server which doesn’t let you cross team disarmed players. If you are in a server which doesn’t have that option, do not trust the guards. If you are in a server that’s like that, then go ahead. Try and trust them. They might be helpful but they will kill you if they disarm you and see you had a gun (most of the time).
  3. Find a bathroom or PC room. These 2 rooms will sometimes have keycards in there, and sometimes, bathroom will spawn with a gun while PC room spawns with a locker. WC might not have a keycard but PC room always have a certain keycard.
  4. Talking about PC room, if you find yourself in there. Don’t go for the locker (if it spawned), instead, try finding the keycard. Most of the times when a locker spawns, there will be a keycard in there, but if you want a guaranteed keycard, be faster than everyone else and find the keycard on one of the desks (Alright quick note, I think that there is always a keycard that spawns in that room).
  5. If you are the majority of D bois who get unlucky and dont find anything, hide. Thats the best option from now on. If you do hide, leave your spot after the 5 minute mark for the LCZ decontamination process. You will most likely find a card, if not, head to a gate and wait for it to open. Once it does you can get loot in HCZ.
  6. If you hear someone on the Intercom too early in the game? Thats great! That means the Chaos Insurgency spawned instead of the guards. This is the best scenario for any D-class (Some servers might not have this so keep that in mind).


  1. If you spawn in GR-18, there is a chance there might be a gun that spawned there. If there is, only kill D-class who deserve it.
  2. Talking about killing D-class, don’t go around committing mass murder in the premises of LCZ. You will pay hard next round.
  3. More about the gun, don’t overshoot. You only have what is in the gun, and the spare mag you spawn with.
  4. Head over to 012.This room will most likely spawn a Blue keycard (I forgot the name goddamit). This room might also spawn a gun in there. Be careful of D-class who are waiting for you to open it for them. Best thing to do is to not open that door for them. (If you entered and saw that there is nothing, or got everything, you could bait a D-boi to opening it for him and locking him in there. It might seem cruel… but that’s because it is what did you expect?).
  5. You hear someone on the intercom and its way too early in the game? Thats chaos… You should go somewhere safe… you should hide… you shouldntve killed those 2 D-class….
  6. 9 times out of 10 you will escape LCZ, but if you do you might end up killed in HCZ. Take some D-class with you in case of danger, after all, they are the Dispossable class.

Facility guard

  1. You are cannon fodder. Always remember that.
  2. If you want to escape this hell and not worry about anything, find a Scientist keycard in the lockers that spawn in the cubicle room, and 2 story room. If there arent any there go make your life’s purpose complete and try to head to LCZ, but end up being food for 939.
  3. Oh, you managed to escape the SCP’s? Well congrats. You are now in LCZ. Kill every D-class you cant disarm.
  4. You are a terrible being
  5. Go to your corner and think of what you have done
  6. You are now a target for the next wave of Chaos, who will spawn in, and murder you in vengance of what you have done. You have messed with the wrong people. You cant do anything now. You are alone. If you don’t die to the SCP’s you will die to Chaos. YOU A- oh look MTF spawned, you’re saved!

Wow I went through a rollecoaster of emotions there.


  1. You have the simplest job out of every class. Kill everyone except D-class.
  2. With the new SCP 096, you can now kill him with one Logicer mag! wow thats broken
  3. You spawn in with the 1st best gun in the whole game (That isnt the Micro). You deal the most damage but you are terrible when it comes to range. If you are going to attack an MTF, do it inside the facility and not in the outside. You will tear them apart if you are inside. If not, you will die trying.
  4. Work with the SCP’s. Some servers allow some quantity of cross teaming, and you can use that alliance to your advantage. Get rid of all the MTF and scientists.


  1. Watch out for that one grenade… That one damn grenade that one person throws inside the elevator.
  2. Go to gate A if you missed the first elevator. The SCP’s will most likely be too worried about you being in Gate B that they will completely forget about Gate A.
  3. Use your radio. Get useful info from everyone and be prepared for what dangers are coming your way.
  4. Depending on how you play, you can use the P90 or the Rifle. I prefer the P90 due to the really low recoil and high fire rate. But, if you want a sniper or a long ranged weapon, use the rifle.
  5. Have a Logicer with you. If you end up killing a Chaos, take his gun (and Keycard if you’re a Cadet). This gun tears through people and is very useful against SCP’s.

Things SCP’s Need to Consider

All SCP’s

  1. Use elevators to your advantage. Humans will try and use them as an escape. Send down the elevators from 049 and Nuke Silo down so if someone does try to escape by going through there, they wont be able to. This also applies for the elevators that lead to surface, or the ones in LCZ to HCZ.
  2. You can use the Chaos Insurgency to your advantage. If you are in a server which lets you have SCP’s win with Chaos, this is a major advantage. Chaos spawns less than MTF, so unless you are 096 (Scopophobia Version), MTF is a bigger threat to you than the Chaos.
  3. Work together. Its only 3-5 of you against 20-30 people at once. The best way to be an SCP is with teamwork. Usually, the rounds that end the quickest are the ones in which SCP’s know what they are doing, and can work together.
  4. Using the doors, make a system that funnels humans into places where you are at. People usually dont go through closed doors (Unless they are a D class in LCZ). They want an easy way out, and whenever they see a chance, they will take it. You might be wondering how well this works. I tried it and 4 out of those 5 times, the majority of players took the already made path).

SCP 049

  1. Best way to get zombies is to have someone kill people for you and you get them, or do a dick move and camp doors and kill unsuspecting MTF.
  2. If you are in a server which doesnt have crybabies who kill themselves when they become zombies, keep them close to you. You are the only SCP who can grow your numbers. Having hordes of zombies surrounding you and helping you kill is honestly over powered, and kinda fun seeing the reactions from lonely players who got surrounded.
  3. You might not notice it, but you have a really long reach. Use that to your advantage, aka spam left click and you will get yourself an easy kill (quick note, this might not be true, im not sure how long his reach is but it feels longer than usual. If it isnt someone correct me please).

SCP 079

Ok this shouldn’t even be a thing but please, if you are computer make sure you have a mic. Its honestly stupid when PC cant communicate.

  1. Find 914 as quick as possible. That’s it, you know what to do next.
  2. In case you dont know what to do, bring every goddam SCP in there. Depending on how many people are in there the faster you will be able to level up. Open the big door and lock the smaller door. That way people will try to escape but they wont be able to since they wont be able to open up the door.
  3. If theres a tesla gate on a choke point, keep tabs on it. These places are heavily transited and there will be many humans going through. Depends on the map generation though.

SCP 096 (Scopophobia Version)

  1. Do not go near chaos, one mag from the logicer and you are dead, but if there is nothing you can do an a chaos is hunting you, stay near doors. If there is an SCP nearby they can close it and while they chase that player, you will be able to kill them after you have your meltdown you dramatic being.
  2. Be with 173, its op.
  3. Ive seen many people chase and chase people to try and hit them, remember, your charge ability can also be used while running and not only in the air, and cool bonus! It kills people.
  4. If you are going to run into a crowded area, first try to get raged before doing so, it might make some people aware of your location but most of them might look at you by accident. Do the same thing here as you would if a chaos looked at you, have some backup so you can clean the whole room (This works great in elevators, if you can time it right).

SCP 106

  1. If you see that there is a PC, and a large quantity of SCP’s at 914, dont bother going into 914. Instead, wait outside, therefore, if any human tries to escape you can easily get them, and with less humans in your pocket dimension, less chances of a few escaping.
  2. Have a portal in you room. Preferably right in front of the femur breaker. This will allow you to teleport and in case of a D boi with an 05 card escaping and trying to enter the femur breaker, you will get them before they even attempt to enter.
  3. Keep the door leading into your closed. So if you want to see if someone escaped or not, but there is no sign of a person anywhere, you will easily be able to tell if they escaped (This works best with a corridor. If there is one that leads to your room have both doors of that corridor closed).

SCP 173

  1. Do not be in places with many people, and many guns.
  2. Be with 096, its op.
  3. Yeah thats about it, peanut is the simplest SCP to play as, so there really isnt many things you can do apart from things any other SCP can do.

SCP 939

  1. Have a soundboard playing doggy noises, its amazing trust me.
  2. Have an SCP near you at all times, if they stand still because of you, they definetly wont because of the other one. (With 079, he can tell you the location if they are still)
  3. A really annoying part of being 939 is having a door always getting closed to our faces, if you know the facility well you can take another path to the same location and sometimes cut them off.
  4. Dont always sprint, walking makes no noise, even when youre jumping. You can sneak up on people you see through doors like that.
  5. Oh yeah you can see through doors. If someone is running, get ready for them and surprise them.
  6. Try going for weaker prey, D-class, scientists, the squeaker… They are easier to kill.
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