Town of Salem – Town Traitor Role Guide

This comprehensive guide will teach you certain strategies and methods to play as any Town Traitor role and help the Mafia win!

Guide to Town Traitor Role


Ever have a game where you are the traitor, and try as you might, the Town always has a reason to suspect you of being the traitor? In this guide, I will explain each and every role in the game as a Traitor, including how they play, what you should and shouldn’t do, and how you can survive to see another day in the cruel gamemode that is Town Traitor.

Disclaimer: This guide is made with the belief that you are playing Town Traitor classic, not Town Traitor Coven. While some roles may translate over, others may not. Do keep this in mind.

Town Investigative

Town Investigative Traitors are often required to do one ironic thing: Sell out the Mafia to confirm themselves as good, that way they can stay under the radar from Town when they go full lynch crazy. These strategies often depend on all evils being eliminated, allowing the Traitor to simply wait out the clock. Here are some strategies for each particular Town Investigative role as Traitor.


Traitor Investigators may seem like more useless Consiglieres, and this is mostly false. A good thing to note is that because you know the identities of the Mafia members, the possible role of the person you investigate is significantly narrowed down, depending on who you check, only leaving one or two possible roles that that individual can be. Plus, Traitor Investigators have the added advantage of staying under the radar of Spies, making it much more easier for Investigators to work up their credibility. In some cases, Traitor Investigators will sell out their own Mafia teammates to confirm themselves, but there is a fine line between being a credible Investigator to being an obvious Traitor Investigator. Check random players and tell the Mafia of their identities. When a member of the Mafia looks suspicious, visit them in case a Lookout is watching, then force them to claim. Often, the Mafia member will get lynched, which very well may get you confirmed.


Traitor Lookouts are basically used primarily to confirm Town and out Mafia members, with the added complexity that the Lookout knows who the Mafia are and are working for them. A valid tactic to win is to tell your Godfather or Mafioso to kill a player, preferably an important role such as Mayor or Jailor, then target the Mafia’s kill, then reveal that information to Town. You may even be able to get an innocent Doctor killed if the Mafia and the Doctor visit your target!


Arguably one of the most useless roles in Town Traitor mode, and sort of more useless as a Traitor! However, it can be used to your advantage. Check random players and share information to Town, then when a Mafia member is undergoing suspicion (preferably Mafioso / Random Mafia), check them and reveal your find with Town.


Traitor Spies may seem useless, but they do have some advantages that make them a valuable asset to the Mafia. First, an idea may be to once in a while bug the same target as the Mafia’s, so in the event that the target isn’t dead, the Mafia will know why. Additionally, as would any Spies would, always post the movements of the Mafia to town. The only problem is that a smart Townie may ask why you are still alive as a Spy claim, especially when several TP are dead. Tread carefully.

Town Protective

Town Protective Traitors are often killed for making dumb decisions that make them look like novice traitors. Here are a few guidelines to help you in gaining the trust of Town.


Traitor Doctors are one of the better Town Protective roles to play when Traitor. It’s usually more ideal for a Traitor Doctor to respond to any TP/LO requests instead of protecting the Mafia, especially when the Mafia begins to be outed. You also could confirm yourself by having the Mafia waste a kill by attacking one of your targets. This will help you in gaining trust from your fellow Town members and allow you to ideally be confirmed as innocent.


The problem with Traitor Bodyguard is that they die when a harmful attack is directed at the Bodyguard’s target, which is bad as it will reveal you as Traitor should you die, and that also isn’t ideal if you kill one of your fellow Mafia members and yourself, especially if something happens such as a Transporter or Witch messing things up. The best strategy is to find a Doctor and team up with them. The Doctor heals you while you kill Vigilantes going after Mafia members or kill Mafia members to confirm yourself.

Town Killing

Town Killing Traitors are arguably one of the best Traitor roles that the Mafia can have. Here are some strategies that you can use to help the Mafia.


Jailor Traitors, in my opinion, are very OP, but also have their advantages. They can role block a role, such as a suspecting Investigator, protect a player from any visits, and can even kill troublesome Townies should the situation arise. However, the best way to play Jailor Traitor is to play as normal, and wait till a Mafia member is undergoing suspicion. Jail them, and maybe even execute. If you have a Townie who may cause issues in the endgame, execute them and claim you thought they were Traitor, then refrain from executing unless Mafia are about to gain majority. If that is the case, jail your target and wait till the last second to execute them, preventing them from writing your true identity in their will.


A ballsy move as Traitor Veteran is to ask for TP/LO on Day 1, then alert Night 1. As long as there is no other requests for TP/LO, you should ideally be able to bring down several town with you, saving the Mafia a lot of time and hassle. Otherwise, play as normal, alerting if you suspect any Vigilantes are about to shoot you.


Vigilantes are powerful, but needed to be treated with caution. A Witch can easily ruin a Traitor Vigilante’s plan or strategy. During the game, when Mafia needs to be given an edge, shoot one Townie, avoid claiming unless you have too, then shoot again the next day. It will make it obvious that the Vigilante is Traitor, but the Town won’t know who it is unless you claim. If you are lucky, shoot a 3rd Townie. If all were to go to plan, 6 Town would be dead in 3 days by Mafia. Staggering numbers!

Town Support

Town Support Traitors are surprisingly effective, but need to be used carefully. With the exception of Retributionist, Town Support Traitors can cause confusion or difficulty for Town.


Escort Traitors seem to only be Consorts, but actually have a slight advantage over Consorts. Traitor Escorts cannot be tracked by Spies, and won’t show up as suspicious in Sheriff checks. If the Witch is alive and the Vigilante comes out, begin to role block them, claiming you are doing so to prevent Witch from using Vigilante.


Mayor Traitors are powerful, yet are often sought by Town because of their ability. It may be ideal to reveal early, especially when pushing a Mafia member, and basically run the Town basically as a puppet government.


Medium Traitors are useful for getting yourself confirmed. If the Mafia has Janitor or Forger, use them to gain your credibility. Additionally, if Janitor claims Medium, you can counter claim him and increase your credibility. If you are the only Medium, you can also twist some information if it is crucial to survival, but may inform the dead that you may be Traitor.


Transporter Traitor can often cause chaos. If you suspect that a Vigilante is going to shoot one of your Mafia members, transport them with an important member of Town. If you think a Sheriff or Investigator is going to check one of the Mafia, transport them with someone else. This will probably get you lynched, but if it buys Mafia time to rack up kills, it may be worth it.

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