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Main Assembly - Hover Vehicle Simple Guide

Written by straws   /   Jun 14, 2020    

The very basics of creating a hover vehicle.

How to Create Hover Vehicle

Placing Hover Pads / RCS Thrusters

Hover Pads

Should be placed on the underside of your vehicle and cover enough of the surface to keep your ship stable, if your ship is spinning out while cornering it may be down to hover pad placement not being close enough to the edges.

RCS thrusters

RCS thrusters will be the main way of turning / redirecting the nose of your ship and should be placed close to the front. there input being d/a on keyboard and make sure you wire it to rcs thrusters left/right in there drop down menu.

Hover Pads

Placing hover pads angled outwards will increase handling greatly.

Main Thrusters / Forward Momentum

Main Thrusters can be placed almost anything and placed anywhere but i like to keep them at the back i like using boosters for there smaller size and weight.


  • Boosters are set to boost on W.
  • Hoverpads are set to break on S ( to many set to break will insta stop you).
  • Hoverpads are set to drift on space (all hoverpads need to have this or wont drift).
  • RCS thrusters are set to left/right on d/a presses.

RCS Thrusters/ Boosters

Remember to change the strength of your rcs modules/boosters to match how much turning and acceleration you want.


Written by straws.

Game:   Main Assembly