Gotham City Impostors – Guide to Grappling

The Grapple Gun is a very versatile and fun to use gadget in Gotham City Impostors. This Guide aims to explore some of the techniques and tactics for using the Grapple Gun.


So what is the Grapple Gun? It is a gadget and like most gadgets it adds a new means of mobility to your loadout.

Hitting an enemy directly with the hook will deal considerable damage to them instead of pulling you in.

(+) Pros:

  • Fast travel
  • Easy positioning
  • Independent from special map objects like ramps and vents
  • Engaging and fun to use
  • Satisfying special kills

(-) Cons:

  • Takes some practice to unleash the full potential
  • Hook impact sound alerts enemies
  • Can make you an easy target for snipers if not used properly


Press and hold the gadget button to switch to the Grapple Gun and shoot the hook. If it successfully connects with a solid surface it will start pulling you toward the hook. When you reach the hook it just holds you in place. You can release the gadget button at any time to stop reeling yourself in.


The Grapple Gun uses up charge while you are traveling or holding yourself at the hook. Fully charged it can be used to travel for up to 5 seconds total. After 2 seconds of not using charge it starts recharging, which takes it another 2 seconds. Using charge while it is recharging will interrupt the recharging process and it will use up charge as usual. Just firing the hook does not use up charge, though.

Connecting the Hook

When pressing the gadget button you first switch to the grapple gun and then shoot the hook. While switching only takes a very short time it is still important to note that there is a slight delay between you pressing the button and the hook being launched.The hook then travels in a straight line at a constant speed. It is a little faster than Thunder Dragon projectile with Missiles mod (the 3 quick ones).

The cable that connects you with the hook is very fragile. If anything (players or objects) passes through between you and the hook, the cable is broken and the grapple attempt fails. This means that you need maintain constant line of sight to the point where the hook is going to impact (you do not have to look at it, though). Once the hook has connected and you have started traveling, players can move through it without breaking the cable.

Travel Speed

Once the hook connects with a solid object you start traveling towards it in a straight line and at a constant speed, using charge in the process. The speed at which you travel depends on three factors:

  • Travel distance:
    The further you travel, the faster you move. Short distances are covered at a lower speed. As a rule of thumb you can think of your traveling time compensating for the amount of time it takes the hook to connect. Traveling further away will still take you longer than traveling shorter distances.
  • Body Type: Travel speed is affected by body type in the same way that running speed is. Fleet footed will also upgrade your travel speed to the next tier.
  • Downhill grade:
    If you are traveling downhill you may or may not get a 100% (?) speed boost, depending on your angle of descent. Or something. Needs more testing.

Double Jump

When you release during travel you get a free jump while still in the air, similar to the Inflatable Insoles gadget’s double jump. This mechanic is very important and should not be underestimated. It helps you with several things at once:

  • Prevent fall damage by jumping right before hitting the ground
  • Throw enemies’ aim off and dodge rockets
  • Make landing easier on difficult spots or when your hook aim was a little off
  • Stay in the air longer

Another thing you should be aware of is the fact that you can sprint right after releasing and while still in the air to increase your speed.


Directly hitting an enemy with the hook deals 180 damage. It does not deal additional damage when hitting the head and Body Armor reduces the damage taken. The damage is enough to kill Toughs with one shot unless they have Horse Healthy or Body Armor.

Landing a hit can prove to be quite difficult though as you have to predict your target’s movement and lead/aim accordingly. The slight delay before the hook is launched can make aiming properly a little awkward. Even though Mighties take at least 2 shots to kill they are often the easiest targets because of their size and slow movement. Successfully hitting a Speedy that is juking and jumping around is extremely difficult and requires a bit of luck, even for the best Grapple Gunners. Landing a hit becomes very easy when your target moves in a straight line or does not move at all. If you are having trouble getting the Grapple Gunned feat, try catching your target with Bear Traps or Boarding Party to make it easier.

Chain Grappling

So you think the Glider Rig gives you the ability to fly? Wrong. The Grapple Gun does.

  • Launch the hook
  • Travel for a bit
  • Release
  • Double jump
  • Repeat

This is the juicy part. The Grapple Gun gives you the ability to stay in the air indefinitely, you can even change direction constantly to throw off your enemies’ aim. Not just “video game” left and right strafing, though – it’s actual strafing in all 3 dimensions!

The key to this technique is managing the Grapple Gun charge. You can catapult yourself upwards by hooking a point above you, then use the double jump while falling to extend the time you spend in the air. If you manage to stay up more than 2 seconds between travel phases you can refresh your charge. Most of the time you will not have to recharge after every travel phase, but you should keep an eye on your charge and consider recharging when you fall below 50% charge.

The Grapple Gun only consumes charge during the travel phase, but not while firing the hook or during double jump “freefall” time. Reducing the time of each travel phase and relying more on the double jump can save you a lot of charge. Targeting far away places is preferable because of the increased travel speed. You may have to launch the hook a little earlier though as it has to reach the point of impact first. Remember to use the sprint button after releasing to increase your speed.

When speed is important and you need to get from A to B fast, remember to utilize the speed boost by traveling in a downward angle. However, this way will not be able to recharge right away. You may have to land or, if you have enough charge left, grapple upwards to get some recharge time.

If you only use the Grapple Gun to climb walls, you are doing it wrong. Chain grappling is not a special technique for special situations – it is the proper way to use the Grapple gun and it should become your default mode of operation. If you find yourself hardly ever walking and mostly soaring through the air you are probably doing it right.

At first you may encounter some problems with managing your charge or occasionally falling to your death because you missed a hook or the cable broke. No worries! The Grapple Gun requires more active management than other gadgets (e.g. Roller Skates) and that can be hard to get used to. Practice with lighter body types first as their speed advantage makes chain grappling a lot easier.

General Tactics

Keep moving

Many fights are decided before they even start by initiative and the element of surprise. Do not stay in one place for too long because if the enemy knows where you are they will come for you. In GCI camping is generally considered a weak tactic anyways. Be the attacker, search and destroy.

Choose your Battlefield

In GCI, as in many games, high ground is a considerable advantage. With the Grapple Gun you can easily gain and hold that advantage. Pay attention to the tactical implications of your position. You will find that every map has good and bad spots, and you should avoid the bad ones. Even during fights it is often a good idea to take cover and grapple to a more favourable position. Use the terrain to your advantage, the Grapple Gun gives you the means to outmaneuver you enemies.

Sniper Spots

Did I mention that camping is a bad idea most of the time? That holds true for snipers especially. Staying in one spot for too long as a sniper will eventually get you killed (most likely by enemy snipers) so remember to swap positions regularly. No other gadget enables you to get to unusual positions like the Grapple Gun does. Pay attention to ridges, tubes, just anything that sticks out of walls, really, that you can sit on. The best carmouflage often lies in the mind of your enemies. We focus our attention on places where we expect danger and we expect danger in places we can reach. Or in places where we know a sniper is sitting because he just killed us. So don’t just sit there and wait for them to take revenge.

Conserve ammo

When sneaking up on an unsuspecting foe, try shooting them with your Grapple Gun first. It packs quite a punch, often killing enemies in one shot and it does not use any ammo from your magazine. Free damage, yay! Many players will not even get suspicious if you miss because they do not interpret the sound as someone shooting at them. This works best on enemies who are not moving or moving in a straight line.

Body Odor Sniffer

This weapon modification deserves it’s own little section. Like a weak “wallhack” it intermittently shows you the positions of nearby enemies, warning you of their presence. This works even while chain grappling, during which detecting enemies can be quite difficult. The B.O. Sniffer helps alot with that.

Dot reticle

The Bear-Stalker and Deep-Freezer have a special reticle that permanently shows a dot in the center of the screen, even while moving or using the Grapple Gun. This makes aiming extra easy. If you plan on playing Grapple Gun only, consider using one of them as your weapon (e.g. with B.O. Sniffer mod) to get the most out of your Grapple Gun.

Playing against the Grapple Gun

Players traveling with the Grapple Gun move in a straight line at a constant speed which makes them almost as easy to hit as if they were standing still. It’s a chance, take it.

When someone is trying to kill you with the Grapple Gun, jump around like an idiot. That will make it near impossible for them to hit you.

List of Interactions

  • Body pose is altered during travel
  • Player position is changed during travel
  • Solid map objects are valid hook targets (for traveling) and can break cables.
  • Players are valid hook targets (damage) and can break cables
  • Body Types modify travel speed
  • Fleet Footed modifies travel speed
  • Body Armour reduces damage taken from the hook
  • Body Odor Sniffer works while using the Grapple Gun
  • Kill Crazy & Powder Keg increase damage dealt with the hook
  • Tough as Nails & Angry Hedgehog reduce damage taken from the hook
  • Gun Runner & Death Racer increase travel speed

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