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Sea of Thieves - Maiden Voyage 100% Completion + Commendations

Written by tails   /   Jun 16, 2020    

This guide will help you complete the Maiden Voyage in all its entirety! By doing this in full, you gain 200 doubloons and 25,000 gold, along with several commendations!

This guide is to help you 100% the Maiden Voyage in Sea of Thieves. Along this voyage you will earn some commendations along with some extra gold and "doubloons" that you can use for cosmetics and more in-game.

Maiden Voyage 100% Completion + Commendations Guide

Full Steps

1. After you have the game opened, launch the 'Maiden Voyage' quest in the menu by pressing "1" or simply click the 'Maiden Voyage' on the screen.

2. Complete all of the prompts and demands given by the pirate when you spawn on the island. The pirate will show you the basic mechanics of the game.

3. Once you are free to explore the island, do not set sail to your ship. Instead, read the book close to the chest you dug up. It is labeled "Regarding Merfolk." The journal is underwater and you will have to enter the small shipwreck. This is the first out of 10 journals to find.

4. Locate and kill a chicken with your sword or other weapon. Pick up the raw chicken and cook it on the pot close to the spawn area. The pot has a small campfire under it and is held up by some wood. Earn the commendation "A Hearty Meal."

5. Go towards the path you spawned on and go to the pond. The pond is directly behind the pot you cooked the chicken on. Use the prompts on screen and catch a fish to earn the next commendation.

6. Walk and swim towards the waterfall in the pond and enter the cave. There is a journal named "The Sea of the Damned" to read along the path. It is sitting behind the skeleton hand holding a map.

7. Next, take the main path you found the pot and pond on and walk to the ship on land. Head to the helm. To the right of the helm, journal #3 out of 10: "They Gave It A Name" is sitting on a small ledge.

8. Climb the ladder on the same helm. Climb to the crow's nest and read the fourth journal: "Lost Secrets."

9. Head to the opposite side of the broken ship and locate the cannon. There are cannonball crates below the cannon. Load the cannon with a cannonball and fire at the rock mountain and earn your next commendation.

10. Follow the path below the broken ship with a bridge that connects the islands. Follow the path up the mountain and enter the cave. Use the lever to open the wooden door. "Making Camp" journal is sitting in a small crate.

11. Follow the path down and raise the anchor. Next, raise the door with the lever. You will see a rowboat. Enter the rowboat and follow the prompts to sail it several meters and earn the next commendation.

12. Enter back to where you just saw the rowboat from and climb the ladder next to the glowing mushrooms. Journal #6: "A Ship That Fits" is sitting to the right right above the ladder. This journal is sitting next to large metal bars.

13. Head to the peak of the opposite island of the shipwreck. You will need to climb several rocks. The seventh journal: "Paintings from the Past" is sitting next to a stool and empty bottles. This journal may be tricky to find.

14. The next journal: "Lords of the Sea," is close to the bridge that you crossed to find an earlier journal. This eighth journal is close to a ladder and is hidden slightly in some moss and leaves. The journal is closer to the river than it is the bridge.

15. Head back to the wrecked ship on land where you found two journals. Cross to the other side and locate the hammock. Turn left to locate the barrels. Right below the barrels is the ninth journal: "So Near and Yet..."

16. Head to the top of the wrecked land ship and find the anchor. Turn left towards the stairs and cross the mossy bridge and into the pond. In the pond lies a key to open a latch. The key, "Old Sailor's Key," is underwater and is close to the stone rock wall where you will pick it up.

17. Bring Old Sailor's Key to the hold located in the land shipwreck. Open the latch and you will unlock the commendation "Hidden Secrets" where you will also find your next journal along with your loot.

18. In this hold is the last journal: "My Secret Plan." Read it and collect your 25,000 gold and 200 doubloons!

Video Guide

The majority of the steps were taken from this video.

Written by tails.