Hardspace: Shipbreaker – How to Start (Useful Tips)

Here you can find some useful tips for best start in Hardspace: Shipbreaker.

How to Start

All credit goes to Jellyfoosh!

Become Familiar with the Grapple

When you’re alone in space far from humanity, the Grapple tool is your best friend. Vital for moving heavy and dangerous objects in zero-g, the Grapple can also pull objects to you. Be sure you don’t pull them so fast they go through you.

Remember that you can rotate objects you’ve Grappled by rotating yourself.

Think First, Cut Second

Whether rookie or veteran, employees are often one mistake away from reducing the whole asset, with them inside it, into space dust. These kind of mistakes usually start with the Cutter. This powerful bonesaw tool can quickly slice large walls with with its lazer, but make sure not to nick a fuel line.

Rotate the cutter for horizontal or vertical slices, and switch to Scalpel mode for more delicate precision work.

You Have Hands!

Your suit’s gloves are equipped with magnets which can be used to grab onto objects and walls. This is a good method to stabilize yourself or cushion for impacts. Using your hands to carefully move objects in zero-g can also be easier than using your other tools.


The Tether is an advanced upgrade to the Grapple tool which lets you link two objects and then pull them together. Larger objects will pull smaller ones to them, while objects of similar size will pull themselves together. Use multiple tethers to increase strength. Tethers aren’t free! Each one used will be added to the employee’s debt.

Atmospheric Regulation

Certain areas in each ship can still be pressurized, so exposing them to a vacuum will cause a ‘decompression event’. The escaping oxygen throws loose objects around, risking an explosive chain reaction. Make sure to stay away from potential projectiles.

For the least likelihood of total destruction, Lynx Corp. advises you to find an atmospheric regulator and shut it off.

Power and Electricity

Each ship is powered by a power cell or generator, depending on its class. If you remove the power, many of the ship’s functions will shut down.

Once removed from its protective casing, a power cell will emit electricity, which can damage objects and overcharge electronic equipment.

Fire and Fuel

If you find a way to remove fuel from a pipe, it can safely be cut into. Find the correct valve, or perform controlled demolitions to flush it out yourself. Lynx Corp. advises against working within a fuel-contaminated space, due to the high risk of ignition and death.


Coolant pipes and tanks can flash-freeze walls and break fragile objects. Shatter frozen surfaces to make holes without risking setting things on fire.

Picking The Right Ship

There are many ship classes of varying types, all with different shapes, sizes, and configurations. Know what you are looking for before selecting a ship to work on for increased efficiency.

If you require goods, dismantling a small transport or industrial ship may be a lucrative option. If you need expensive and high-quality materials, a large science ship would be your best bet.

Certifications and Loadouts

Lynx Corp. rewards persistence and a go-getter spirit! Complete Work Orders to increase your Cutter Certification Level to get access to new ship types, tools, and upgrades.

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