Satisfactory – How to Get the Lizzard / Doggo

Lizzard (Doggo) Guide

  • Step #1 – Collect some Paleberry (maybe use the locator tool if you have problems finding some).
  • Step #2 – Sneak up to the Lizard Doggo but keep your distance!
  • Step #3 – Equip and hold a Paleberry in your Hand, drag 1 Paleberry outside the Inventory in front of the Doggo.
  • Step #4 – Wait until the Doggo to comes over and eats the berry.
  • Step #5 – After hes done eating it, look at the Doggo and interact „E“ to tame Doggo.
  • Step #6 – Doggo! is now yours!

Note: He will only stay untill you die.

Written by TheWaeSchter

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