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Walter is a Character exclusive to Don’t Starve Together who was released on June 15, 2020 for free.


While in pursuit of answers to the strange and unexplained, Walter suddenly found himself lost and alone in a place unlike anything even he could have imagined. Luckily, he would not be alone for long. Even a stout-hearted Pinetree Pioneer feels a little braver with a loyal friend by their side! – Official description for Constant Companion.

Walter’s origin is shown in the animated short Constant Companion.

The Compendium summarizes the short:

The only thing that could ever rival Walter’s love for the great outdoors was his fascination with monsters and mystery. Nothing captured his interest more than a spooky story heard over the radio or a local legend about an elusive cryptid.

It was that pursuit of the unknown that eventually led him to the Constant. While searching for a man who Walter believed would have answers to his questions about a mysterious creature rumored to live in the woods, he instead came upon an abandoned cabin. The owner seemed to have left hastily, leaving all their belongings behind… including an odd radio that miraculously still seemed to be working. With curiosity getting the better of him he investigated the radio further, springing a trap that had lain dormant for years…

Now finding himself trapped in the Constant, Walter has befriended another lost soul – a scruffy dog named Woby. Though much about her remains a mystery, Walter has vowed to one day return her to her rightful home (after all, returning lost dogs is the Pinetree Pioneer thing to do).

Special Power

Walter has a Trusty Slingshot as an exclusive weapon with special Slingshot Ammo with varying effects. This weapon has no durability, but can still be crafted. Walter has access to an exclusive Slingshot Ammo Tab to craft ammo, crafting each type of ammo will create 10 pieces.

  • Pebbles: Basic Ammo, deals 17 damage, requires Rocks to craft.
  • Gold Rounds: Deals 34 damage, requires Gold nugget to craft, and a Science Machine to prototype.
  • Marble Pellets: Deals 51 damage, requires Marble to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype.
  • Freeze Rounds: Has a similar Freezing effect as an Ice Staff, requires Moon Rock and Blue Gem to craft, and a Prestihatitator to prototype.
  • Slow Down Rounds: Lowers the target’s speed, requires Moon Rock and Purple Gem to craft, and a Shadow Manipulator to prototype.
  • Poop Pellets: Causes the target to lose aggro, requires Manure to craft, and a Science Machine to prototype.
  • Cursed Rounds: Deals 51 damage, spawns shadow tentacles, requires Thulecite Fragments and Nightmare Fuel to craft. Can only be crafted next to an Ancient Pseudoscience Station
  • Melty Marbles Trinket: Deals 59.5 damage, cannot be crafted.

He can also exclusively craft a portable Camper’s Tent. It acts like a mix of the regular tent and the fur roll with 10 uses.

He has a Pinetree Pioneer Hat that reduces sanity drain from receiving damage. He starts with one in his inventory, and can craft additional ones using 4 silk.

Woby is a special Mob that follows him around. She has 9 inventory slots, like Chester. She can be fed Monster Food to transform into big Woby. Walter can mount big Woby like a Beefalo. Big Woby can attack mobs for 10 damage while being ridden but she will buck a player off if she receives damage.

He does not lose sanity from negative aura effects such as Dusk/Night, monsters, Night Light or Nightmare Light. He also is not affected by sanity effect (negative or positive) from equipped items like Tam o Shanter, Spiderhat, Seawreath or any other held items that are wet. Walter’s fearlessness however is not strong enough to protect him from shadow magic, hence he still loses sanity when Dark Sword or Night Armor is equipped. He will still lose sanity from sources that instantaneously take away sanity, e.g.: picking up Evil Flowers, Telepoofing with The Lazy Explorer, eating certain foods, etc. Also he does not lose sanity when traveling through Worm Hole.

Walter cooks food over fire faster than other characters, he only takes half as long (0.5 seconds) as other Characters (1 second) to cook food.

He loses only half the normal Hunger when Sleeping.

Walter is able restore +6 Sanity Meter/min when there are more than 5 Trees within a radius of 2.5 tiles around him.

During the Night, Walter can tell stories at a Campfire or Endothermic Fire by simply right-clicking a them. It generates a sanity aura of +10 Sanity Meter/min for himself and all other survivors close to the fire.


Walter loses sanity when he loses health, the amount of sanity lost corresponding to twice the health lost. For damage over time (such as when starving, freezing, or overheating) the sanity loss is equal to the health loss. Walter continuously loses sanity while his health is not full, up to -12 Sanity Meter/min proportionally to his missing Health. The sanity loss is halved when wearing a Pinetree Pioneer Hat.

He takes 10 extra damage from Bees (Bees, Killer Bees, Grumble Bees, Bee Queen). This damage is not negated by armor.

Clothing items that affect sanity have no effect on him. Other effects, such as the Eyebrella’s rain protection still apply.

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