Hardspace: Shipbreaker – Good to Know Hints

Same as most other possible guides, I share my findings to make your life easier as I go.

Hints to Make Easy the Game

Point of Penetration

Lets start with assplosive decompression. It’s not necessary a bad thing. Being gentle and entering the interior slowly is the proper way to do things, unfortunately being the absolute animal I discovered that punching through the door unlocks a shortcut to the juicy center of tis Tootsy Roll.

Yeah, sure you can lose a few items on the inside but the blown off section reveals structural beams on both sides allowing a quick cutaway of a whole side on these smaller vessels. (I have not gotten to bigger ones yet).

The First Amendment: Avoid using the large roof hatch for decompression entry as the surface area of the hole is larger, farting out more insides and spreading them further apart then the small and purdy side hatch.

Across the Street for Attention, Down the Road for Effect.

Unlike with the cutter in Dead Space, this one can slice through multiple support beams as long as you line them up properly within the red aiming line.

Gotta Go Fast

If you are trying to pull an object with bigger mass than your ♥♥♥, prepare to be pleasantly surprised at the new way to travel.

Get to your prison cell is using a grapple. Hold LMB and press RMB to reel in. (Control your momentum).

Jackie, one more thing!

By default the [Z][X] key on your keyboard is designed for the “Talk to the hand” or “88” emote if you end the animation sooner.

While useful to hold onto or grope surfaces on public transit you may, if you wish use your hand repeatedly to travel faster when along the surface while also holding down directional key. Yes you can use use both hands simultaneously, but trust me, one hand is enough to do the job…Perverts.

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