Starship EVO – Useful Keybinds

The game has many useful keybinds that tutorials havn’t been added for yet.


  • [TAB] – when piloting a ship, it allows you to free look, so you can interact with buttons while flying.
  • [Q] and [E] – these buttons allow you to rotate the block your holding.
  • [F1] – save world.
  • [F2] – hide hud.
  • [F3] – debug menu.
  • [F4] – 3rd person.
  • [F6] – Detach camera.
  • [F8] – this spawns a hostile ai ship, it takes a few seconds for the ship to spawn, dont spam it like me and end up with 10 of them fighting each other.
  • [F10] – no clip mode, exiting returns to your original position.
  • [F12] – screenshot.
  • Middle click – interact with points of intrest while flying, press again the hover and let go over selection.
  • [x]  – autopilot (kinda wierd right now but useful).
Written by Matt-XVIII

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