Wreckfest – Automatic Port Forwarding (Multiplayer Server Hosting)

To host a multiplayer server, you need port forwarding. Setting this up can be a pain in the ♥♥♥, and can be avoided in most cases. This tool uses UPnP to open the needed ports automagically.

How to Port Forwarding 


Setting up ports for multiplayer server hosting is a pain in the ♥♥♥, so I wrote a program to automate it. This program automatically opens the necessary ports for multiplayer server hosting. For this tool to work you will need UPnP support on both your Windows OS and network device.

This program consists two files.

  • open_sesame.exe
  • open_sesame_wreckfest.bat

open_sesame.exe is the main executable. This is a command line program, which opens the ports specified by command line argumets. You can ignore this file if you cant use command line.

open_sesame_wreckfest.bat specifies the command line arguments (ports required by wreckfest) and runs open_sesame.exe. You will have to use this file.

The program is not signed, so Windows Defender might present you a security warning. Click “More Info” then “Run Anyway” to enable the program.


Download the program from here:

Unzip the program to an arbitrary folder. I recommend using the Wreckfest game folder, so you dont forget where the tool is.

Running the program

  • Run open_sesame_wreckfest.bat
  • If you get a security warning, make sure you allow the program to run.
  • Keep the program running. While the program is running the needed ports will be open.
  • Launch wreckfest, and game on.
  • After you exit wreckfest, close the program properly by pressing “Enter” key twice.

Note: If you use the red X to close the command window, ports will remain open in your network device.


  • To check if your server is visible you can use steam server browser.
  • Launch this tool, then your Wreckfest server.
  • Switch to steam window. Go to Menubar > View > Servers > INTERNET tab.
  • Browse the server list to find out if your server is visible or not.

Fixable errors

[NAT] Error: UPnP is not working > Make sure UPnP is supported and enabled on both Windows and on your network device. By default they should be enabled.

  • To turn on UPnP in Windows turn on Network Discovery.
  • To turn on UPnP in your network device, consult your device manual.

[NETWORK] Error: adapter not found > The program could not locate your PC`s local IP address.

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