The Crew 2 – How to Earn Money (Easy and Fast)

This is how i am gonna explain to you to earn a lot of money in 1 hour if your that type of person who doesnt have time to do this or your just lazy then am not sure what ya doing here? But if your the type who wants to get a lot of money then your in the right place cuz am here to show you in my way how i earnded a lot of money in 1 hour lets begin shall we?

Guide to Getting Money

Icon Point Comfort

For this first think if you wanna be rich as if you wanna get money it doesnt matter what level you are at as long as you got soo many PTS as points you shut be fine as long as your not new then you will be fine anyways if you wanna get rich all you have to do is go to the Comfort menu hold B to restart it and then i want you to put all your points into the rich one but for me to explain this easy imagine your doing a race that cost about 94.000 that bike one race for 10 mins when you finish it you dont get exsacly 94.000 it can probably give you about 120.000 or more as how much PTS ya got then you shut be fine as long as your fast and careful that is!

Picking Any Type of Race and How Much Can You Get from One Hour

For this it doesnt really matter what kind of race you really wanna do but i will say that not all races that you choose are gonna be the same i will give you examples from all:

  • *Street Racing.
  • *Offroad.
  • ♥♥♥style.
  • *Pro Racing.

I will explain how i did it and how much i gained money but sadly i do not have the screenshots but i do remmeber the numbers i had so let be show you then but remember they only take 1 hour to reach it okay?

  • Street Race 800.000-900.000 1 Hour.
  • Drag Race 800.000 1 Hour.
  • Drift Race 600.000-700.000 1 Hour.
  • Hyper Race 600.000-700.000 1 Hour.

  • Rally Raid 500.000-550.000 1 Hour.
  • Rally Cross 450.000-500.000 1 Hour.
  • MotorCross 300.000-400.000 1 Hour.
  • HoverCraft 600.000-700.000 1 Hour.

  • Aerobatics 450.000-550.000 1 Hour.
  • Jetsprint 600.000 1 Hour.
  • Monster Truck 500.000 1 Hour.
  • Demolition Derby 400.000-500.000 1 Hour.

  • PowerBoat 700.000-900.000 1 Hour.
  • Touring Car 500.000 1 Hour.
  • Alpha GP 800.000 1 Hour.
  • Air Race 450.000-650.000 1 Hour.

in my experience thats how much i got if you do it for an hour nonestop skip it with ESC so you can restart the moment you won if you lose then try smth small or higher like ace.

Keep Repeating the Same Race Over and Over

If you wanna keep making money then you gotta do this what am about to tell you!

1.Pick a race any race that your gonna do for an hour make sure ya got a freetime no interuption nothing at all when you start the race any race keep winning the best way to do it is for you to do it at your vehicle max lvl if your not sure all of the max lvl all put them for you:

  • Street – 280
  • Drift – 240
  • Drag – 400
  • Hyper – 320

  • Rally Raid – 140
  • Rally Cross – 230
  • Motor Cross – 70
  • Hover Craft – 80

  • Aerobatics – 220
  • Demolition Derby – 160
  • Jetsprint – 120
  • Monster Truck – 140

  • Power Boat – 250
  • Touring – 320
  • Alpha GP – 340
  • Air – 270

  • In how i did it i want you do max all of them and learn to win at every race at any race do that for an hour nonestop no interuption and you will get it!
  • I want you do repeat it every time you win when it says the time that ya did as soon as you see the buttom for the B for retry as soon as you see the money your collection do that every time you finish the race.
  • I do wanna mention when ever you repeat the race the loot will be sented into the HQ Loot Box sure when you do this for an hour it will get full but remmeber when you finish it only pick the golden max PTS parts the rest of the useless parts turn them into scrap.

Results of Your Money

If you did that race any race that ya did for an hour then congratulation ya did it ya wasted 1 hour just to repeat the same race any race nonestopping and i dont mean it in a bad way i said that in a good way know if ya got a lot of money then be happy but make sure ya take a rest cuz you will get tired out of it.

Bonus Tip

For me i did this like a month ago if you wanna make more money i can tell you how i do it for a week its really simple sure it takes a lot of energy and patience to do it and at the end if you succeed at it you will have about 10.000.000 money at the end of the week without spending the money for a week that is so heres how i do it:

  • A day i do that 4 times a day thats 4 hrs of doing it.
  • In a week thats basically over 28 hrs of doing it.
  • Then at the end of the week you will get about 1.000.000+ more like i mean a lot of more then 1 Million for me i had like almoust 10 Million so if you sow what i said to you to earn a lot of money know get some energy get a free time and i want you to do this how i do it so you can have a lot of money so you can buy what ya want who knows, but still good luck and thx for reading my guide of how to earn money in 1 hour!

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