Primal Carnage: Extinction – Tier Mutations Guide

Don’t really care I just made this to help out people who want to get a mutation that will really make them happy. and the pic is some random doggo rex idk.

Best Tier Mutations


Ok so first off ima use ranks like a Tier list. Yes like S tier A tier B tier C tier etc… Its just easy for me to rank. Anyways lets get to it.

S Tier Mutations

Starting off with the best mutations ever. When it comes to rex Verus and Novus make S tier as the best. Verus rex is basically a realistic rex and It has a much better head that is sleak and slim that guys well with the neck. Much better then the original primal rex head and neck. I tail that isn’t just a straight line and a more Bulky and stocky design that obviously goes more well with rex. Novus is unique and I like how the design is Angular it just makes rex a lot less boring.

For Ptera Longiceps gets the good posistion for S tier as I love the Curved and long beak and The head and neck are more flat. Just those small differences makes ptera way more exciting. For spino we have Brutus as S tier. It makes spino look more cool and intimidating in every way and actually does its job at making spino more bigger and scarier at the best. The head is better. Tail, body, sail and arms its an improvement to the entire spino model we have in-game. With acro an entire 3 mutations get the S tier ranking. Fraglis, Imperius and Verus.

Fraglis is good because its a really good Jagged design that also resembles an allosaurus and Its also more skinny and it just makes the acro better in every way. Imperius makes the acro more bulky and intimidating looking while also being a great resembalance of an allosaurus. And Verus is I Believe a Realistic acro? tbh i’m not sure but although it doesn’t resemble a allosaurus in any way it still makes Acro look cooler, taller and bigger. So far no carno mutations really make S tier sadly and those are all that got into S tier. These I highly reccomend getting if you want a mutation you will love.

A Tier Mutations

Although not as good as S tier ones these are about as good with only a few flaws. So There actually isn’t really a lot in this Tier unlike S tier. No rex mutations. No acro or spino ones etc… There is only two here. Juvencus or Realistic Carno mutation and SternBergi. Juvencus Makes the A Tier spot because of the Really amazing Tail and body. The tail is curved and again not really a Straight line like the carno model we already have and the body feels more “realistic” idk its hard to explain. But the head isn’t bad its just bland and they could of added stuff to it but I mean it was based of The carnos rl look so yeah probably not. SternBergi is Really good and it looks more cooler or “fancier” with the short Big wide crest but they could of added a lot more to this mutation and although the beak is longer still not curved like the Longiceps but still a really good Ptera mutation and I Reccomend both of these a lot.

B Tier Mutations

These Mutations are pretty good but they do have some flaws or even big flaws and some carno mutations, acro mutations and the only raptor mutation so far make this list. First off starting with Verus Carno its hard to explain its just a scaled up default carno model in my eyes. Its good and I like it a lot but they could of done more with it and the tail again is mostly just a straight line so yeah thats its biggest flaw. Then we have the Charcarus or the Carcharodontosaurus mutation for acro Its good and Its a bit slimmer but the wide short crest is bland and so is most of the model but I still find some pretty good stuff with it and of course it was based of a specific dinosaur so you can’t really change a lot about it now.

The Utahsus is obviously a Utah raptor mutation for raptor and I only give it the B tier spot because I mean They did some really good stuff with the teeth and the head and thats it and its good but it can get really boring at times so yeah. very good but these have a few flaws but I still reccomend them a bit.

C Tier Mutations

These mutations are the OK and meh ones that are 50/50 with good and bad traits. Only one mutation makes this list which is the Brutus rex. This is good because it makes the rex model more bulky and the tail better but thats about it really. The body are pretty meh and there are even a few spots on the head that are bad. Its good I guess but I wouldn’t reccomend it.

D Tier Mutations

These are the bad mutations that pretty much have mostly bad traits and only 1 or 2 good things. The only mutation that makes this list is Doralis acro. Unlike all the other acro mutations tbh It looks fat and ugly simply or you added “Dead skin” to the acro. It doesn’t look big or bulky it just looks lumpy and ugly and it doesn’t improve the acro at all. The body is OK- good but other then that its a bad mutation to get.

F Tier Mutations

The worst of the worst these mutations are all bad nothing good almost at all. Two spino mutations make this list which are Lacus and Suchus. Anyone who reads this guide will be very suprised how lacus got in F tier in the first place because its loved by the community but Its really bad. Lacus is a realistic spino and well basically what happened to spinos is that they tried being aquatic but at the same time they still were a land behemoth bigger then a rex and its just really wierd when you put those things together. a fishy and ugly tail that reminds you of a salamander looks goofy and certain skins and make it even more laughable and the body just looks like you added fat to it as well as the arms.

The sail is bland with the way it goes. and the neck is also fat. The legs are too stuby and the only good part is the head with still has a few bad parts on it. Suchus is just the Biggest Dissapoint ment you can find. Unlike lacus its not really popular but I dont know why anyone would get it because tbh it looks also like the default spino model! sure the head and arms are a little bit different but thats it. Its barely different and its not worth the price. These are both mutations you shouldn’t really get at all.

Default Mutations

Since this was mostly entirly for skin bought mutations I’ll go over real quick the free default ones. Serratus makes A Tier because the simple change of adding some nice jagged spikes make the spino model way more cooler. Inflexus makes B tier because it makes some decent changes to the head and neck but not much else. and the Cassirus mutation which is the only ovi mutation gets C tier because it barely changes anything but its not worse in any way then the default ovi.


So most of the mutations really are good. Really you can get any mutation you want this is just to help you make a desision easier to get a mutation you will really love and like so it doesn’t feel like a waste of money.

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