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Pixel Strike 3D - Useful Hints and Tips

Written by EMG Gliymp   /   Jun 25, 2020    

How to become a god at this game, and parkour. Along with how not to be beaten by those filthy hackers lmao. With also other incredibly BM ways to make you opponent kill themselves irl after you kill them in game.

Guide to Basics

How not to Lose to Those Filthy Hackers Lmao

You beta male or female reading this guide (don't worry you can become an alpha; just read this guide). Might be wondering "How do I beat these filthy hackers?" and to that I say: Are you kidding me lmao this is why you are a beta male/female lmao. Basically, how do we know if someone is hacking?? Well, just because someone killed you through a wall doesn't mean they are hacking. This happens just because the game is janky as hell. But that doesn't matter. You know if they are hacking because they have a unreasonably large kdr. I would say anything over 20 kills per death/20 kill streak. (I say 20 because most people in this game suck lmao.) So basically if little Jimmy says that he wasn't hacking in the post game chat but killed you through walls, along with having a 40 kill streak he was hacking (just an fyi). I mean, just look at the free for all boards, they are definitely hacking. So basically, if they are hacking you leave. You cannot beat them, and the faster that you realize that the sooner you can become an alpha male/female lmao.

How to Become Good at Parkour

How to become good at this "parkour" go from

To this even better score

Getting good at parkour in this game can sometimes be challenging. But if you try hard enough, you can do it (also, there are so many glitches and hacks in this game it's hilarious).

I mean, look at this video there are two huge glitches that you should know about to get the fastest possible time. But, if you are grinding coins don't do the first part. Because it takes longer than just doing it normally.

I'm not this person and am in no way affiliated with him/her but if you want the best parkour glitches you should totally watch their stuff.

How to Just Be Good at Pixel Strike 3D

1. What gun should I choose?

Is that really a question? How stupid are you lmao. If you have played this game for more than 1 minute you should realize that the marksman rifle is completely broken. (With the 10% extra damage perk) It does 88 on a body shot (To someone who has the take 10% less damage) and 97 to someone who doesn't have that perk. So basically choose the marksman rifle, and if you ever make it to level 55 choose the awp (because the awp 1 taps on a body shot...).

2. Alright wise guy, then what secondary should I use?

Alright you beta idiot. What do you think you want as your secondary when your primary can 1 shot on a headshot and bring your opponent to extremely low health even if you don't. Ah, so even your tiny brain can figure that one out? Exactly, you want something that has an extremely high fire rate and you can swap too really quickly. You might be even dumber than that other person and if you are, congratulations. So you want something that can fire quickly because your opponent is at 12-3 hp and you want to kill them before they can kill you. The marksman takes super long just to crank out another shot, and you can miss if in an environment full of bullets that are coming right at you. So basically just pull out your fully automatic machine gun pistol, and wah la ez4ence ence ence dens putted upperbelt putted upperbelt.

3, Okay, explain hp regen to me please uwu.

Uhhh, thats one way to make it awkward.... But anyway since you asked so nice:

Once you are out of a gun fight for 20-30 seconds you regenerate Hp super fast at a rate of 20 hp every other second. So basically play super passively, and remember to always get those epic dubs.

4. OMG I am so tilted bro how how HOW do I even use this stupid gun?

Okay you trash, pretend you are playing CsGo and you play dust 2. You have the awp, are on the terrorist team, and want to snipe some people who go past the door. Just do what you do then... put your sight; which you activate with right click. On the enemies head, and then just left click... Then easy win.

5. How am I being killed by people who aren't even looking at me?

This is a good question. For even I have no clue, I think it is just because the game is super janky/bad but whatever basically all you have to do to avoid this problem is to become a paranoid freak of nature. So you can always be super careful. Just because that person is looking away from you. Doesn't mean that they don't already have their sights on you and are going to kill you in 5 seconds.

How to Make Your Opponent Want to Kill Themselves Irl

But gliymp isn't that a bad thing?

Oh shut up you libtard. I know this from personal experience not from me killing other people but from when people kill me.

1. Being good at using the marksman rifle

You see, the first way to break someones spirit is to make them feel like no matter what they do, they are going to get sniped from across the map and instantly die. So all you have to do is just headshot them as soon as their shield goes down. This will make them feel like they can't even spawn in. So they will quit the game and hang themselves.

2. What if my opponent doesn't immediately kills themselves?

This one is an easy one, all you have to do is make sure you go a girl skin. When ever I get killed by someone who is using a girl skin I immediately become tilted, and will soon go for that rage hang.

Written by EMG Gliymp.