Torchlight III – Tips and Tricks (Forged Class Build)

In this guide you can find any tips and tricks for build specific scenarios and also general gameplay.

Useful Tips to Forged Class Build

General Tips & Tricks

  • Avoid / ignore elite mobs and packs completely in the early game. By early game I mean the first 10 levels or so. At the least, until you have your Tier 1 movement skill (for this build is level 6), to make sure you can get out of harms way if needed. I mean you can really ignore these mobs for the entirety of Act 1 as the TTK versus rewards isn’t worth it at all, which is unfortunate. They’re also the most likely things to kill you.
  • You can skip most of the trash mobs and still be over-levelled. At least at the time of writing this guide, you can not just ignore elites but about 80% of the maps mobs. This is in part due to the obscenely high spawn rate for mobs and the generous exp gains. I ran straight to the end bosses for the quest objectives for the entirety of Act 1 and stayed at least 1 level above the different areas levels. This can be quite boring though.
  • The early game is rough. Quite painful in fact. Before the HP nerf to ridiculous it was even worse. My first character, a Sharpshooter who has an easier time to begin with. Took 15 hours to beat Act 1, because I cleared every map and killed all the elites, too. In comparison, my second character (the Forged), managed to beat Act 1 in just under 4 hours. That’s a huge difference. Echtra if you ever see this, doing 1 damage to mobs with 900 HP isn’t fun. In fact, the first 3 hours or so is probably the worst part of the entire game. You know, the most important part. Hooking people into the gameplay loop is super important, it probably explains a good chunk of the refunds and it’s a shame because it really picks up in the fun factor once you get some gear and a few levels behind you.
  • Always keep your second best item in the stash. This one, with the way lifebound items function at the time of writing, having a second item for each item slot in the bank is a godsend. Plenty of times have I thought ‘I haven’t died in ages, no point holding onto this former weapon of mine’ to then die 2 minutes later and have to either gamble, or in dire situations when my cash is low, use anything I can find until I get new gear. Same goes for equipment, dropping from 60% defence to 10% because you no longer have a pair of shoulders, helm or gloves isn’t good at all. Do note, there could be changes to lifebound items in future updates.
  • Powerlevel your relics with your highest toon. I used my Sharpshooter to get Electrode to level 20 in around an hour farming the last 2 or 3 areas of Act 2. This will be even more efficient once we have access to Act 3. It’s amazing for giving us a little power boost in those harder early levels. I had my stunlock potential at max from the get go (I’m lying because I actually completely forgot to equip it until level 7 or so – don’t be stupid like me, equip it as soon as you have access to your Fort).

Build Specific Tips & Tricks

  • Potions, potions and more potions. Trust me, as a melee you want to keep stacked up on potions, most of you early game cash will be sunk directly into buying these life savers. (and as a general rule, never engage in a boss fight with less than 5 potions, trust me you’ll need them). Oh, do yourself a favour and take Godsbeard’s, too.
  • Move. Honestly, just move. Standing still in this game is a terrible idea on Painful or Ridiculous. Maybe us melee should get built in base defence like we did in TL2.
  • Keep an eye out for bugs. Specifically for the Forged, your Cyclone skill can bug out, becoming temperamental or at worst not work at all. You can also get stuck inside mobs fairly frequently and if you’re not paying attention it will get you killed. Hopefully these bugs will be ironed out
Written by Ant RamPaGe

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