Monster Hunter: World – Guide to Builds Outside the Meta

Here are some fun, comfortable and wild ways to play the game differently.

Builds Outside the Meta


Shown weapons and decos are just examples and can (easily) be swapped out.

Health Regen Build (Never Sip Potions Again)

Health augment on the weapon is mandatory for this build!

Maximum Might Secret (Never Lose Sharpness)

You want to awaken the Safi weapon for 2x Sharpness V (gives purple sharpness); 1x Teostra Technique (gives Masters Touch) and 1x Attack V + VI each.

50% base affinity + 40% with full stamina +10% from agitator (+10% when latent power triggers) and with weakness exploit you get an extra 30%-50% affinity on (wounded) weakspots.

This leads to ~100% affinity almost all the time. Combined with Masters Touch this means infinite sharpness.

Offensive Support Build (with Free Meal 3)

Guiding Lands Build

Basically a normal endgame build with just one point in the Geologist skill for the double amount of shiny pickup items.

Builds Against Specific Monsters

In the following some more or less perfectly optimized builds against certain monsters will be introduced.

Anti Alatreon

This build offers insane elemental resistances, but lacks some sort of sharpness mitigaton. Thus I highly recommend using a Sharp Jewel (or maybe even the Razor sharp Charm?).

Written by Wreth

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