Destiny 2 – Warmind Cell Hunter Build

This guide will showcase my warmind cell hunter build that has perfect synergy with every mod and every weapon and the perfect sub-class.

Synergy Build for Hunter


The video showcases broad examples of what is shown below:

  • 0:00 Full Build showcase (Weapon-Mods-Armor).
  • 1:28 Warmind Cell creation with weapons.
  • 2:11 Warmind Cell creation with abilities/splash damage.
  • 3:04 Fireteam Medic heal.
  • 3:16 Reload due to Chains of Woe.
  • 3:45 A full Lost Sector clear.

Armor / Exotics / Mods / Stats

Armor required for this build

Helmet, Gauntlets, Boots and Class Item that can take Season of Worthy mods.


Ophidia Spate for two knife charges or The Sixth Coyote for two dodge charges.


  • Global Reach (Neutral 1 Energy Mod).
  • Wrath of Rasputin (Solar 1 Energy Mod).
  • Burning Cells (Solar 3 Energy Mod).
  • Fireteam Medic (Solar 3 Energy Mod).

Stat spread

  • You are aiming for 100 recovery, 100 mobility and as high as possible grenade recharge.

  • 100 Recovery for obvious faster recovery.
  • 100 Mobility for faster dodge recharge.
  • High as possible grenade cooldown due to the fact that you can create warmind cells with it as well.
  • The current split on this Hunter of mine 8(9 due to traction)mob – 3res – 10rec – 4dis – 6int – 5str.

This is not perfect, 3int and 4 str would be fine, higher dis would be better and missing 1 mob.

Mods Explained

Season of Worthy Mods

Global Reach – damages enemies at a greater distance.

Wrath of Rasputin – solar splash damage creates warmind cells, this is why things like your grenade, knife explosion, martyr’s wave or Xenophage can create warmind cells

Burning Cells – this causes a solar burn damage wave which if it kills someone can create warmind cells as it counts as splash damage

Fireteam Medic – upon destroying a warmind cell you & your fireteam get a huge chunk of health back

How it works

You create a warmind cell through either your solar splash damage or with your Seraph/Ikelos weapons, after doing that you destroy said warmind cell which instantly heals you and can create further warmind cells. Repeat circle.



Seventh Seraph Carbine – Fourth Time’s the Charm – Swashbuckler

  • Fourth Time’s the Charm triggers a lot of times since we are going for headshots due to Chains of Woe (more to that later).
  • Swashbuckler triggers on melee kill, this includes knife kills (which we are using for warmind cells as well).
  • Major Spec due to it being the main weapon for low-health majors.

Martyr’s Retribution – Auto Loading Holster – Demolitionist

  • Auto Loading Holster has a good synergy as we are not using any GL loader mods.
  • Demolitionist gives us grenade recharge on kills.
  • Quick Access Sling due to faster swaps to our AR and it already killing most enemies without any damage mods.

Xenophage – no damage fall-off, good damage and can create warmind cells.


Way of the Outlaw

  • Proximity Explosive Knife: can create warmind cells on the 2nd explosion which other knives from other trees can not do.
  • Chains of Woe: gives increased reload on precision kills for you and allies, stacks to 3x.
  • Six-Shooter: this is not an end-game PvE build therefore most of the stuff is rather easy to kill and six-shoot golden gun simply offers more add clear.
  • Deadshot: this seems like the only dead perk on this subclass tree.
  • Tripmine Grenade: best grenade to clean up majors and ultras for warmind cells.
  • Gambler’s Dodge: you get both of your knives back with 1 dodge.
  • Triple Jump: best hunter jump.

Conclusion of why this subclass is the best for this build

It offers the most out of the 3 in terms of add control and “warmind creation” capabilities.

Viability – Closing

End-game viability

This build is by no means a build for raids or dungeons however this is perfect for Gambit, Strikes and your every day play in patrol-zones. It offers insane add-clear right of the start without much work to it. A good player can make this work anywhere but it shines really in gambit and in your every day play.

The build itself has perfect synergy, the sub-class adds something of value by being able to create warmind cells with the throwing knives. The knives trigger Swashbuckler on the AR. Precision kills trigger Chains of Woe which gives faster reload. The mods work perfectly together in a sense they create a circle of repeating warmind cell explosion that also heal you and your fireteam. Everything has a place in this build, nothing is being left out. Every component has an important role while the build would be significantly worse without them.

Written by Shest

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