Brick Rigs – Guide to Realistic Detector Gun Smoke

This guide will tell you the basic about making gun smoke when you fire, not when you click. Required knowledge: have an understanding of how to make guns recoil and set up proxy sensors

Realistic Detector Gun Smoke

The Core Idea

Only for tanks that have recoiling guns.

Basically most workshop tanks have mussel breaks that dispense smoke if you click, which has obvious problems (spam click for instance).

This is a simple way to make your gun only output smoke when it is firing:

  1. Your gun must be able to recoil, or you must make a separate gun who’s only purpose is to recoil or link the system to a gun that fires via the same button.
  2. Make a proxy sensor that is not activated when it is not recoiling, and activated when it is.
  3. Now attach the channel index to smoke dispensers wherever you need them.

This build gives an example if your still not sure:

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