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Eternal Return: Black Survival - Nadine Skills Guide

Written by SirNoir   /   Jun 28, 2020    

Guide to Nadine' Skills

Wild and Clairvoyant

Nadine wild and clairvoyant is two in one passive. Every time Nadine slay wild animal she gain wild stack which will buff her ultimate im not so sure but I think its only buff her ult. Nadine clairvoyant let her see wild animal near her in the minimap only. I dont know why its only in the minimap but it pretty annoying there is one time I charge my bullseye for a bat and because it was night. I cant exatcly see the bat and I miss so I have to do that all over again. But it still usefull knowing there is still wild animal there that can increase her wild stack.

Level 1 Wild

  • Chicken: 2
  • Bat / Boar: 6
  • Hound / Wolf: 10
  • Bear: 14

Level 2 Wild

  • Chicken: 3
  • Bat / Boar: 7
  • Hound / Wolf: 12
  • Bear: 17

Level 3 Wild

  • Chicken: 4
  • Bat / Boar: 8
  • Hound / wolf: 14
  • Bear: 20


Alright first skill ,now I know people think its the most powerfull skill on her arsenal but in fact its not. A full level 5 bullseye only deal 360 (+1-2 ap) and that if you fully charge it. Now im not saying bullseye is bad. Bullseye have the fastest cooldown, you gain 50% of your stamina back 5s (or 4,98 to be precise) after casting it, and the range of bullseye determine by how far is your vision range. I mean you can snipe people with this. Some other downside when using bullseye is your movement is reduced, this is bad cause youre giving time to character like hyunwoo or magnus to get in position to stun you. I recommend using bulleseye when attacking wild animal, ambushing an enemy, or an escaping enemy.

Squirrel Trap

This is probably the most underated skill of her since people think it didn't do a lot of damage. Of course making people trip and fall dont hurt them too much. What you need to do is to smack people face with it. Squirrel trap that has been setup dont do much damage. The damage come when you are throwing the trap. So the trap part is only a bonus if the projectile your throwing is in range. Squirrel trap is good when you trying to start a fight since you got two projectile and a trap. If the enemy is melle it will make a good distance for you since they have to be carefull or else they can get caught up in the trap and if they did get caught up you can use bullseye without worrying it will miss.

Monkey Wire

Monkey wire is good that what I can tell, this skill have a passive and active that really good. Her passive skill is after you deploy the monkey wire your attack speed is increased from level 1 10% and increas per level by +5% to maximum level 5 30%. Now her active skill is that you go to the place where you deploy now that doesnt sound very powerfull but if you have knowledge of where the wall and hollow building is the monkey wire is very usefull not to mention the range is even further than aya moving turn.

Wolf Assault

Wolf Assault depend heavily on how many wild stack you got and how fast is your attack speed. Wolf assault happen every 3rd basic attack you do (using bullseye or squirrel trap does not count) and deal (50/100/150) damage plus how many stack you have, after you activate the skill the first basic attack you do spawn a wolf because after activation it automaticly start at 2nd. The cooldown of the skill happen after you activate the skill and not after the duration of the skill end so you can use this skill more often. Pairing this skill with monkey wire is a great thing since it buff her attack speed.

Written by SirNoir.