Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Questing Talents Guide

Which questing talent is the best for Grail Knight? Find out inside.

Guide to Questing Talents

Which Is the Best?

Short Answer: Virtue of the Penitent; Repeatable quest for Strength Potion.

In-Depth Comparison

Virtue of Duty

3 quests. What’s this good at? It manipulates RNG to more likely get a desired quest. However, it’s still subject to RNG. You might not get the quests you are looking for.

Basically, it helps you to get a desired quest.

You might get:

  • 10% CD Regen.
  • Health Regen.
  • 5% Attack Speed.

  • 10% Power.
  • 5% Attack Speed.
  • 10% Damage Reduction.

It’s always helping, but there’s only so many rewards you can get, before you get into the mediocre stuff.

Virtue of Purity

50% better rewards. What’s this good for? This manipulates RNG to make your good rewards better and your bad rewards are still bad.

Basically, this is the high risk and high reward talent.

You might get:

  • 15% CD Regen.
  • Health Regen.

  • 15% Power.
  • 7.5% Attack Speed.

You might get what you want, and you might not get it at all.

But hold your horses, because the third is the no risk and high reward talent.

Virtue of the Penitent

So, why is this one so good?

  1. It is *always* good. No RNG involved. You can trust it.
  2. It cheats the game. If you are doing an itemless deed, you can make items. If you are in a lord fight, you can acquire strength potions during the fight. You can even farm strength potions, if you really want to.
  3. Strength Potions are an amazing reward, compared to the others. Why have 10% damage reduction when you can have a recurring 12 seconds of pure destruction (for the whole team)?
  4. Even if you get the worst quests, you still get to keep this reliable boon.

How Does It Work?

  1. Every time you kill 175-200 enemies, you will be immediately granted a strength potion. 175 is Legend, 200 is Cataclysm.
  2. If you already have a potion, it gets passed to another party member.
  3. If everyone already has a potion, it gets dropped on the ground.
  4. You can create infinite potions with this method, if you choose to.

Imagine you’re in Fortunes of War, with a set amount of items. Now add Virtue of the Penitent. Now, you have at least 10 strength potions laying around.


1. Quick Boss Kills

If you’re at the border of a lord fight, check everyone’s inventory. If you don’t have 4 strength pots (or purple pots for some), then just sit around and fight hordes repeatedly. Eventually everyone will have 4 strength potions. This is an easy way to kill bosses quickly or make sure you are overly prepared and ready for a difficult event.

2. Potion Transfusion

This is an exploit to make limitless strength potions in a designated arena. Have Sienna run to the arena with a strength potion and kill herself. Now there is an extra potion in the arena. Wait for respawn, pick her back up, fight a horde, and repeat. You will have to learn where the triggers are that might stop hordes from spawning, and avoid them. Friendly fire is desirable, and can make her bleedout much faster.

Alternatively, you can have a nice pile of strength potions already nearby. Every time Sienna respawns, have her move one to the arena.

3. Dupe Magnification

Not really an exploit, but rather a magnifying of RNG. If you’re playing something like Fortunes of War on Cataclysm, you will end up with 10+ strength potions from Virtue of the Penitent, on top of the limited supplies given. If everyone is running dupe, eventually you will have a lucky run where you dupe perhaps 8 times between everyone. That’s 18 strength potions more than you are intended to have. If that’s not trivializing, I don’t know what is.

4. Every little bit helps

This one is minor. If you want, you can make sure that your quest count is almost complete before heading into an event. This means you’ll get a spare strength potion very quickly, once the fighting begins.

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